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From simple carton flow to complex deep-lane pallet flow & pick modules, we’ll design your ideal custom solution.
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Pallet Flow Systems

Durable pallet flow solutions, designed to perform and built to last for all applications; custom speed controllers by weight range.

Carton Flow & Case Flow Systems

A wide variety of carton flow systems for all types of pallet rack and shelving; flexible designs for changing SKU and carton requirements.

Gravity Flow Conveyor

Move products easier, faster and more cost effectively with Mallard's custom gravity flow conveyor.


Mallard is the leading resource for quality, engineered gravity flow storage products for manufacturing and distribution facilities worldwide. We handle projects of any size and scope, custom designed and manufactured for your unique application. And, we'll even test your system to make sure it's the best design for your pallets, boxes or totes; all while staying within your budget.

All of our Pallet Flow and Carton Flow systems provide high density storage for optimal space utilization, inventory control, labor efficiency and equipment savings.  

More About Us

High Density Gravity Flow Storage

Mallard Gravity Flow Advantages

  • Save Space: Double your storage capacity or free up valuable floor space
  • Save Time: Reduce travel time and boost productivity with more efficient order picking
  • Save Money: Save up to 75% in labor and equipment costs with fewer forklifts
  • Save Energy: Lower energy costs with fewer square feet to light, heat or cool

MALLARD MANUFACTURING - Challenges Met... Problem Solved


Mallard's sales, engineering and design teams have the most extensive product expertise in the industry - we apply that knowledge to each and every project. The result... custom storage solutions to help you optimize space and improve throughput. Our in-house testing lab ensures the performance of your system; load capacities, flow rates, space allocation and rollability, all guaranteed.

Take a look at our photo and video gallery and long list of satisfied customers. Then call us - your initial project or problem review is on us! Or take advantage of our quick turn-around quotes for standard projects.

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