Built to Take the Punishment

The addition of a carton flow impact tray is highly recommended for all heavy carton and tote applications.  It reduces wear and tear on carton flow wheels and tracks which not only preserves your carton flow investment but reduces potential lane downtime.

The impact tray is mounted flush with the top of the carton flow wheels on the charge/load side of the system. The carton or tote is first loaded onto the impact tray and then is gently slid onto the wheels or tracks for advancement down the lane to the pick face. By absorbing the initial impact, the impact tray prevents damage to axles, tracks, guides and wheels.

Carton flow impact trays are manufactured from heavy-duty galvanized steel to withstand the daily use of a busy warehouse environment. Widths and lengths can be customized to be added to any new Mallard carton flow system or retrofit into existing systems.

Perfect for any heavy carton application such as: beverage, food, automotive, parts assembly, freezer and cooler.


  • Increases longevity of carton flow lane parts
  • Evenly distributes weight of heavy cartons and totes onto tracks
  • Easy to install/Can be retrofit into existing systems
  • Fits all Mallard carton flow product


  • Customizable lengths
  • Heavy-duty, galvanized steel