1. FILO in the SILO – Low-Profile Push-Back on Pallet Flow Delivers Needed Capacity Boost

    Who isn’t looking for greater storage capacity these days? It’s a familiar need with a lot of possible solutions, some old and some new. Push-back pallet flow bridges the gap as a newer twist on a tried-and-true storage method. Using pallet flow lanes with single aisle load and pick access delivers low profile, deep-lane, easy-to-use storage for First-In/Last-Out inventory rotation. Take a loo…Read More

  2. Split-Roller Pallet Flow – Put the Metal to Metal for Efficient Flow

    Large metal pallets are used to store long rolls of material for an industrial supply company. While metal pallets are typically a good candidate for roller pallet flow rack, they can also be a candidate for pallet surfing… and not in the “fun in the sun” kind of way. Pallet surfing or skidding over the rollers can lead to an unsafe and inefficient work situation. Watch how the Mallard team …Read More

  3. When Wrong-Way Pallet Orientation is the Right Solution

    Pallet orientation is a critical part of pallet flow rack lane design. When we refer to orientation, we are defining the positioning of the pallet stringers (a.k.a. runners) to the direction of flow. Pallets can be positioned for the stringers to flow perpendicular or parallel to the direction of flow. When the stringers run parallel to the direction of flow, that is oriented the “easy” way or…Read More

  4. Installing Dyna-Flo HD Carton Flow Made Even Easier | Mallard How-To

    Meet Mallard Manufacturing’s strongest, most durable carton flow racking Dyna-Flo HD Carton Flow. Dyna-Flo HD is made for heavy cartons, cases, and totes that might crack or damage lesser-quality tracks. The rugged 1.9” diameter polypropylene wheels flow inventory while the full wheel bed design takes advantage of every inch of pallet rack bay to allow for more SKU lanes and therefore more pic…Read More

  5. Take the Detour & Blaze a New Trail – Mallard Gravity Flow Year in Review

    Does it feel like we all took a little detour this past year? As the Mallard team looks back, we see that despite the challenges, we have a lot to show for the past 12 months. New products and innovations, new tools to help our customers and lots of good advice and demonstrations. By setting our eyes on the task at hand, we blaze a new trail, and what better outlook to have as we head into a new y…Read More

  6. The Nuts & Bolts of Carton Flow Mobile Cart Work Cell Installation | Mallard How-To

    The carton flow work cell is an ergonomically designed mobile workstation equipped with carton flow shelving that can be quickly stocked and moved into position to quickly fill a specific processing need. Carton flow work cells can be moved by hand or using a forklift and optional tow attachment. The mobile cart design offers increased flexibility, and organized, productive output for a variety of…Read More

  7. Happy Holidays from Mallard Manufacturing

    Looking for the silver lining… There are so many ways to look back at the year that has been 2020. We started the year with great hope and optimism and proceeded to face unexpected challenges all year through. However, we have been able to witness something quite extraordinary this past year and it has guided us from one month to the next, and through each challenge. It’s what we will call the…Read More

  8. Cartons Flow on Carton Flow – Wheeled vs Roller System Design | Mallard Best Practices

    There is a lot to consider when selecting the most efficient way to handle small carton and each pick order fulfillment. Carton flow rack is a uniquely designed to offer maximum benefits to a picking operation. Using wheeled or roller lanes, carton flow delivers inventory to the pick face with deep-lane reserve at the ready to fill-in as items are selected. Carton flow can be used with a single lo…Read More

  9. Meet Up with the Man with the Plan – CJ Gorman, Design Engineer

    For a Design Engineer like CJ Gorman, much of the day is spent finding solutions to challenges. Whether seeking to improve a process or product, it’s CJ’s role to create remedies and fixes and then work with the team to test them out. In the end, we can execute the best plan for our customers. Meet the Man with the Plan, CJ Gorman… A Typical Day at Mallard My average day involves designing g…Read More

  10. Gravity Flow Solutions for Omnichannel Order Fulfillment

    The phrase “omnichannel fulfillment” has made its way into the material handling industry and down to our warehouse and distribution center floors over the past several years. This strategy of monitoring a customer order from intake through to delivery has resulted from the rise in e-commerce where customers are not only choosing smaller, more customized orders, but they are doing so from a pl…Read More