1. Happy July 4th From the Mallard Team

    Immediately after the reading of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 the celebrations began though there were still major challenges that lie ahead. Those celebrations have continued for 243 years and while 2020 has been a most unusual, and certainly a challenging year, we hope that you are able to enjoy your celebrations this July 4th no matter what form they may take. The Mallard team is gra…Read More

  2. New & Updated Forklift Separators for Deep Lane, Multi-Level Pallet Flow

    Forklift Operators are in the Driver’s Seat for this Pallet Flow Innovation Sustainability isn’t just a “nice to have” for many businesses, it’s imperative throughout their operation and supply chain. So it’s no surprise that many companies are transitioning to reusable, durable plastic pallets for transport and storage of goods. This is one of the main drivers for the update of the Ma…Read More

  3. A Little Push Rolls Out Productivity with Push-Back Pallet Flow

    Tight on space and need efficient pallet storage? How about push-back pallet flow? Push-back pallet flow is loaded and picked from a single aisle saving valuable warehouse space while still providing beneficial reserve storage and automatically replenished pick face. How do we do it? Well, a recent test video from the Mallard in-house Engineering Testing Lab is a great way to show how to design a …Read More

  4. Full Roller Pallet Flow Rack for Drum Container Storage

    Stop Beating the Drum… Just Let It Roll. It’s not uncommon for the Mallard Testing Lab to test a warehouse solution for pallets made of different materials like wood, plastic, or metal. However, we’ve never tested different drum materials in the same pallet flow lane, until now. Our customer specializing in raw materials uses metal, cardboard, and plastic drums of varying size and weights to…Read More

  5. Case-Picking by the Numbers with Mallard’s Case-Pick Separator

    Whether it’s 10,000 cases or 10,000 lbs. or both, the Mallard case-pick separator delivers the cost-effective results you need to meet your productivity goals. The newly redesigned CP 100 case-pick separator is more heavy-duty and will handle all of your case-pick inventory. Heavy bottles, cans, auto parts, frozen food, etc. the case-pick separator is the best way to deliver case picking efficie…Read More

  6. Mallard Introduces — New & Improved Pallet Flow Pallet Separators

    Pallet Separators Work to Merge Warehouse Safety with Productivity Take the pressure off your warehouse storage and picking applications and improve warehouse safety and productivity at the same time with pallet flow separators. Pallet separators are installed in pallet flow lanes to isolate the front pick face pallet from the rear pallets thereby removing back pressure inherent in a gravity flow …Read More

  7. Boost Your Return on Case Pick Operations with this Clever Pallet Flow Combo

    Faster, more cost-effective picking. It’s become the Holy Grail of fulfillment centers as the pressures of e-commerce have continued to escalate. This recent application for a major retailer incorporates two of our more popular products into one highly productive combo. See how the simplicity just makes sense and meets the customer’s case picking operational goals. Pallet Flow Lane Design 3-ra…Read More

  8. Cart-Trak Carton Flow Takes on Plastic Totes in 1, 2, 3… Go!

    Global logistics. That phrase alone these days connotes a “challenge”. And that’s just fine with us because we like a challenge… and even better, we like solving a challenge. We’ve got a really interesting take on building a Cart-Trak carton flow lane that you likely haven’t seen before. This lane was configured to help a global logistics company meet the ever-increasing demand for acc…Read More

  9. As Easy As 1, 2, 3 — New Gravity Conveyor Hydraulic Lift Gate Assembly

    Gravity conveyor rack is useful in a variety of warehousing applications. It’s an affordable and reliable method of moving cartons and totes for in-processing, order fulfillment, assembly, shipping, and more. And now, thanks to some clever engineering and a pair of hydraulic lift cylinders, your gravity conveyor rack can be installed in more places without disrupting (and even improving) your pe…Read More

  10. It’s OK to be a Lightweight – Durable & Efficient Pallet Flow Rack for Manufacturing & Assembly

    We often test the effectiveness of pallet flow rack for warehouse storage and distribution functions. Many of those test results are detailed in our regular blog series, but less often do we discuss the benefits for manufacturing and assembly operations. However, when these giant foam blocks arrived at our in-house Engineering and Testing Lab, we knew we needed to share this application. While the…Read More