1. Auto Plant Tire Flow Test Proves Steel Can Be “Flexible”

    Tire staging just got faster and more efficient for a major auto manufacturer, thanks to a new gravity flow engineered application from Mallard: steel skate wheel tire flow. The 3D animated video above demonstrates how the Mallard tire flow system operates. It is designed using custom mounted, steel skate wheel rails, that are precisely angled to cradle tire bundles. The snug fit provides a smooth…Read More

  2. Mallard’s New Blog Updates are Simply… Bookmarkable! See Why

    We write a lot of blogs - 52 a year to be exact. Why would we do that? Our only intention is to provide a forum for our customers about everything relating to gravity flow solutions… what they do, how they are used, how they are constructed and accessorized, and mostly importantly, how they can be applied to have a positive and measurable impact on your business. We constantly update our pallet …Read More

  3. Getting to the Center of Pallet Flow Design for Euro Stringer Pallets

    A key service of the Mallard in-house Engineering Test Lab is ensuring that our custom designed pallet flow racking systems perform well and consistently for our customers. Sometimes it’s a little like nailing Jell-O to a tree, but as we always find… Jell-O CAN be nailed to a tree!  In the case of these Euro pallets, however, it took several testing modifications and a series of attempts to f…Read More

  4. Mallard Manufacturing Completes Second Expansion in Three Years

    Mallard is committed to designing gravity flow products that help customers improve inventory storage efficiency and order processing, as well as streamline worker and equipment movement. Our newly expanded manufacturing facility puts what we do for you… into practice for us. Mallard Manufacturing Plant Expansion 30,000 sq. ft. expansion facility Industrial powder coat oven Plasma cutter Streaml…Read More

  5. Mallard Pallet Flow Takes Another Big “Step” Forward

    No better way to start a new year than to start with simpler, cleaner, stronger connections, right? Specifically, we are talking pallet flow/pallet racking connections, and with the New Mallard pallet flow step beam connector things are moving forward even better than before. Step beams are roll-formed steel beams used to support pallets within a typical pallet rack bay. While Mallard has always o…Read More

  6. Power Up the Pallet Flow Rack… Spring is Coming!

    Much of the country is currently blanketed in extreme cold, so many of us are left dreaming of spring and the chance to fire-up those power tools to do some outdoor yard and garden projects. To ensure you have just the tools you need once the deep freeze is over, Mallard recently tested out a pallet flow racking solution for a major power tool manufacturer. Thankfully our engineering testing lab w…Read More

  7. Embracing the Holiday Spirit

    There are a lot of words we could use to describe 2017. The one we’ve chosen is Grateful. Here are just a few things that make us Grateful in 2017: All the hard work that was put in this year to help customers realize their goals. All the distributors that asked Mallard to come alongside them to work out challenges for their customers. All the innovations that our creative and dedicated team dev…Read More

  8. Pallet Flow Case-Pick Fulfillment Gets a Lift with Ergo Cell Technology

    The Mallard Ergo Cell technology combines pallet flow rack, pneumatic pallet separators and a hydraulic lift table into one ergonomic full or split case-picking system that masters efficiency and safety. Ergo Cell pallet separators are installed in a pallet flow lane equipped with a lift table at the pick aisle. As the pallets flow from load end to pick aisle, the lift table position is filled. Th…Read More

  9. Reprofiling is a SNAP with NEW Slim-Fit Carton Flow Entry Guide

    The purpose of installing carton flow racking is to make your storage and order fulfillment processes faster, more accurate and more efficient than static rack options. While all our carton flow products fit that description, we’d like to add easy to use, and flexible to the list. Our latest innovation is the Slim-Fit Carton Flow Entry Guide designed to fit your Dyna Flo, Dyna Flow HD and Dyna-…Read More

  10. Happy Thanksgiving From Mallard Manufacturing

    “Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action.” W. J. Cameron As 2017 begins to wind down, we recognize that we have much for which to be thankful. New relationships were formed this year and old ones were strengthened… we are thankful for all of them. Each person and situation brought us a challenge to meet and the Mallard team has worked hard to do just that. So, as we do every day of the …Read More