1. Think Smart. Harness the Power of Gravity with Flow Systems from Mallard Manufacturing

    Come see us at MODEX 2020 Booth #4806 The smartest thinking involves effectively using your resources to obtain the result you desire… what’s smarter than harnessing the power of gravity? For 60 years the Smart Thinking Mallard Manufacturing team has been engineering efficient and effective material handling solutions by capturing the forces of gravity and putting them to work for our customer…Read More

  2. Mallard Instructional Videos – You Asked, We Answered

    The Mallard instructional videos for pallet flow and carton flow installation and operation are now easier to access via your mobile phone. So, while you’re working in the field and you have a question,  just follow these easy steps to find the best video to meet your needs. 3 Easy Steps -- Access Mallard Instructional Videos via Smartphone Go to Mallard Manufacturing or Mallardmfg.com Scroll d…Read More

  3. Properly Planning Pallet Flow for the Pick Module

    Thanks for dropping in to the Mallard “all things gravity flow” blog series. Consider this a public service announcement-type of topic that will hopefully save customers from an expensive warehousing design mistake... let’s talk about properly designing pallet flow rack for a pick module. Pallet flow is an excellent choice for pick modules. It is an efficient, time-saving tool useful for cas…Read More

  4. Mallard MODEX Exhibit Guarantees “Smartest Industry Thinking”

    Booth #B1956 Will Be Floating a Few Surprises As promised, Mallard will present a few new surprises at next week’s MODEX show. Since you are checking in with us a little early, here’s a sneak peek at our latest gravity flow innovation “reveals” that are ready to be shared at the Mallard booth. Cart-Trak Full Roller Carton Flow – Rollers Now Available with Bearings One of the industry’s…Read More

  5. Pallet Flow Rack Streamlines Finished Goods Assembly

    Pallet flow rack is a common go-to for streamlined storage and order picking applications.  Now modify that pallet flow lane with a few key Mallard accessories and this simple workhorse becomes a thoroughbred for finished goods assembly. This was exactly the case for a national home goods retailer who turned to the Mallard Engineering Testing Lab to  improve efficiencies in their small piece fur…Read More

  6. New Bottle Pick Rack Boosts Efficiency for Wine & Spirits Singles

    A lot of focus goes into building-in efficiencies for fast-moving wine & spirit SKUs, and of course that makes a lot of sense. But, don’t stop there and assume that your slow movers can’t also be stored and picked with measurable efficiency. Mallard’s latest Engineered Application is Bottle Pick Rack, and it’s uniquely designed to deliver those efficiencies for each picks and case-buil…Read More

  7. Floor-Mounted Pallet Flow is Simply Best for High-Volume Order Selection

    High-volume order fulfillment doesn’t always have to be high-tech or complicated. Sometimes it’s the simple solutions that just work the best. Case in point… a major discount retail customer has found a way to maximize picks, minimize travel and ensure accuracy by relying on floor-mounted pallet flow rack for inventory staging. This system works so well, that they have implemented it in fulf…Read More

  8. Planning Your Pallet Flow Rack for AGV Integration

    As warehouse operations turn more and more to technology to solve challenges, the Mallard team is here to provide guidance for integrating automation with gravity flow solutions. A recent example comes from our own Director of Business Development, Scott Liechty, in a recent case study titled “Automated Distribution Operations” that identifies some of the nuances of integrating AGV (automated …Read More

  9. Auto Plant Tire Flow Test Proves Steel Can Be “Flexible”

    Tire staging just got faster and more efficient for a major auto manufacturer, thanks to a new gravity flow engineered application from Mallard: steel skate wheel tire flow. The 3D animated video above demonstrates how the Mallard tire flow system operates. It is designed using custom mounted, steel skate wheel rails, that are precisely angled to cradle tire bundles. The snug fit provides a smooth…Read More

  10. Mallard’s New Blog Updates are Simply… Bookmarkable! See Why

    We write a lot of blogs - 52 a year to be exact. Why would we do that? Our only intention is to provide a forum for our customers about everything relating to gravity flow solutions… what they do, how they are used, how they are constructed and accessorized, and mostly importantly, how they can be applied to have a positive and measurable impact on your business. We constantly update our pallet …Read More