1. A Controlled Pallet Flow is a Safer, More Efficient Pallet Flow

    Speed– it’s generally considered a great thing in warehousing and distribution. The faster we move products through the warehouse, the better.  Speed - when it comes to your pallet flow application, well that is a bit more involved.  In addition to several other design parameters like product load, pallet type, track design and pitch, careful attention must be given to the speed at which the…Read More

  2. “Ramped Up” Pallet Flow Provides Pallet Jack Accessibility

    Time is money.  We all know this but in the competitive world of warehousing & distribution, time and money are critical commodities directly tied to getting products in and orders out as quickly, accurately and cost-efficiently as possible. Mostly likely, you are already measuring: The time it takes to load and offload trucks How long it takes to select and replenish an order How much time i…Read More

  3. Meet You at the Show – Mallard Gravity Flow Systems Coming to a Trade Show Near You!

    The very best advertisement for Mallard Gravity Flow Systems is, no surprise, our products themselves.  Being able to see and feel the durability, the manufacturing attention to detail and the accessories that enhance the effectiveness and safety of the systems - that’s all it takes. Sure we can tell you about it, but trust us, the proof is in the product.  Knowing this we make it a point to e…Read More

  4. Productivity Upgraded with Enhanced Mobile Carton Flow Work Cell

    Even a great product can be made better - and this manufacturing and distribution workhorse just got an upgrade.  With the addition of a steel-framed tow assembly, Mallard’s mobile Carton Flow Work Cell is put to even faster and more productive use.  Forklift operators can now quickly transport work cells where needed vs. manually pushing the wheeled carts from station to station.  Even bette…Read More

  5. Back by Popular Demand… Your Pallet Flow RFQ Checklist

    This topic was covered earlier in the year, but we felt it earned a well-deserved encore as it answers one of our most frequently asked questions… "What information (data, specs and application details) do I need know to place my pallet flow order?"  It can be a bit daunting, especially if you're under pressure to expedite the project quickly. And isn't that usually the case? We can help. First…Read More

  6. A Unique Carton Flow Twist Using Dyna-Flo in “Reverse”

    They say, “You learn something new every day.”  You’ve probably heard it a hundred times before, maybe more, but isn’t it true?  Even for those of us on the job a very long time. It’s certainly the case for the Mallard team; we get the opportunity to learn something new with each customer and every project we have the privilege of working on. And we hope our customers learn a few thin…Read More

  7. How Will the New FDA Food Safety Regulations Affect Your Material Handling Operation?

    There were hundreds of food safety recalls in 2014; from boneless chicken breasts to canned soup to ice cream. That is not a phone call anyone in our industry wants to receive.  It undoubtedly means damage to product, reputations, bottom-lines, and gut-wrenchingly more critical - it could also cost lives.  The latest recall of cucumbers from a California-based company affected citizens in 30 sta…Read More

  8. Some Things Aren’t Meant for Pallet Flow… But We Can Fix That!

    Gravity flow systems are an economical and efficient component to many material handling operations.  Whether it’s a case, carton or pallet, as long as the product sits evenly on the flow track, we can engineer the right system to work for you.  Sometimes a customer’s order profile is a perfect candidate for a gravity flow system, but the product or storage medium is too unwieldy.  When thi…Read More

  9. Happy Labor Day from the Mallard Team

    La·bor Day noun A public holiday or day of festivities held in honor of working people. On this national, well-deserved holiday, we'd like to say Thank You – to our extremely hard working team, amazing partners and valued customers. Thank you for a job more than well done. You have made our "work" worth it; challenging, rewarding and always interesting. Our advice to all of you on this Labor Da…Read More

  10. Car Maker Finds Universal Pallet Flow Solution on Mallard Test Drive

    Another case solved for the engineering test team at Mallard!  We were asked by a leading car manufacturer if we had one pallet flow system that would work for their wide range of products and pallets in their manufacturing parts assembly areas.  No Problem… we thought.  But as the variables grew, we knew that a comprehensive “test drive” in our in-house testing lab was the only approach …Read More