1. For Auld Lang Syne – Mallard Gravity Flow Highlights 2017

    We all know what Times Square looks like as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve… it’s an image locked in our memory banks. Using that same concept, Mallard spent much of 2017 capturing our gravity flow storage solutions in animated videos to best illustrate their uses, function, and simplicity. Now customers can easily visualize how these products work best for them. We shared 6 of …Read More

  2. 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Carton Flow Rack

    Carton flow rack is at both simple and complex. Yes, it’s gravity-fed roller or wheeled tracks but just as there are many sizes and shapes of cartons, cases and totes there are different carton flow designs and configurations to best accommodate all your packaging needs. So, we are here to help you find just the right carton flow solution for your inventory needs, and the best way to do that is …Read More

  3. A 3D-Look Inside Mallard Case-Pick Pallet Flow Systems

    We’re excited to showcase our latest 3D application animation featuring split-roller pallet flow with our popular case-pick separator.  Case fulfillment from pallet flow, either in stand-alone systems or pick modules, is ideal for high volume, low SKU picking operations. The case-pick separators are designed to work specifically in this type of system to allow for case selection from the front …Read More

  4. Spit-Roller Pallet Flow Rack… a Perfect Match for the Gang of Eight

    When you hear the word powder you don’t usually think, “Wow, heavy stuff,” but for one customer that’s exactly what it is and why warehousing storage and retrieval is a challenge.  A global atomized metal powder manufacturer was looking for a solution to warehouse their product… we could see pallet flow rack in their future but our first stop was the Mallard Engineering Testing Lab to c…Read More

  5. Pallet Type Drives Pallet Flow Rack Configuration for Auto Parts Supplier

    We constantly ask for gravity flow challenges that we can test in our Engineering Testing Lab and boy, recently we got our wish.  A Midwest auto parts supplier was looking for an efficient pallet flow rack system, but the challenge was that they relied on not just one or two, but three different types of plastic pallets plus metal container pallets too!  With so many pallets and several pallet f…Read More

  6. Customers Give New LIFO to Carton Flow to Control SKU Proliferation

    As warehouse operators deal with SKU proliferation and challenging picking strategies for slow moving products, space constraints and efficiency become bigger concerns.  Well, don’t start knocking down walls just yet; there is a readily available solution if you’re just willing to roll with it… It is single aisle access push-back carton flow. In this configuration, the carton flow shelf is …Read More

  7. HD TV Meets HD Carton Flow and It’s a Perfect Match

    All inventory is valuable and these HD TVs are no exception… they're high priced, fragile commodities that require deliberate and careful treatment in a busy warehouse environment.  The challenge for this leading national retailer was to create an easy to use and access storage space that ensured efficient, damage free handling.  Dyna-Flo HD Carton Flow (as in heavy-duty) was the ideal soluti…Read More

  8. “Extend” Efficiencies All Through the Warehouse

    The Mallard Engineered Applications product line just got “extended” with a unique mobile, expandable pallet flow product that can go from dock staging to production/assembly… and everywhere in between. The Extend-a-Rail mobile pallet flow lane is the instant answer to effective pallet off-loading, staging, relocation and storage.  It’s automation free, rugged yet simple to use, and as th…Read More

  9. “Solving for X” at ProMat 2017 is Easy… Just Come to the Mallard Booth!

    Two weeks until ProMat 2017 in Chicago!  The theme this year is “Solve for X” and we promise that there’s no better place to find those unique material handling solutions than the Mallard Manufacturing Booth #S445. ProMat is the perfect opportunity to share our latest gravity flow product innovations and accessories born from the many unique application challenges and solutions developed th…Read More

  10. Dyna-Flo Carton Flow Gets “HD” Lane Divider for Extra Tall Cartons

    Custom, heavy-duty carton flow rack guide secures unwieldy cartons for consistent flow Mallard offers a variety options for carton flow rack lane dividers, guides and accessories in our carton flow toolbox, but should one not quite solve your application challenge, our engineers will design something that does! In this case, a major industrial products distributor with over 500,000 SKUs, and next …Read More