1. Splice Less, Save More with Mallard 20’ Pallet Flow Rails

    Deep-lane pallet flow systems are designed to maximize your warehouse efficiency… and with Mallard extra-long 20’ rails, we ensure that efficiency is built into every detail, including installation. Take a look... Mallard’s uniquely designed 20’ long pallet flow rails go up faster and more cost-effectively than typical industry products that are available in only 8’, 9’ or 10’ length…Read More

  2. Plastic & Wooden Pallets Find a Lane in Full Roller Pallet Flow

    Full roller pallet flow is our go-to system for mixing and matching pallet types in a flow lane. The full-width rollers offer the most contact surface area to ensure pallets of different shapes and configurations keep flowing. Depending on lane length and load capacity, the flow lane can be equipped with speed controllers to help control pallet speed and tracking to meet warehouse safety goals. Fu…Read More

  3. Choosing Between Dyna-Flo or Dyna-Flo HD Carton Flow | Mallard Best Practices

    Dyna-Flo carton flow easily drops into new or retrofit storage rack systems to convert pallet space into high-density case, carton, or tote picking. What makes Dyna-Flo unique is the full wheel bed design that maximizes the space to allow for more SKU lanes and containers of varying sizes and shapes. To ensure you get the most from your carton flow application, Mallard offers standard Dyna-Flo and…Read More

  4. A Well-Oiled Machine Takes a Dedicated Leader – Greet Roman Cantu in Mallard MeetUp

    In order for your operation to flow like a well-oiled machine, our operation has to first build those machines. Welcome back to Mallard MeetUp where we have the opportunity to profile the excellent team members that service customer needs and sell, design, build, and ship our gravity flow solutions. Roman Cantu is Team Leader for our wheeled pallet flow product assembly. Products like our signatur…Read More

  5. Create Safe, Ergonomic Case Picking with Carton Flow Rack Skid Plates | Mallard Best Practices

    According to OSHA, the leading cause of compensable workplace injury is manual material handling. This concept is not difficult for warehouse managers and teams to understand. With workers performing manual tasks of lifting, bending, twisting, stretching, pushing, pulling, and reaching there’s a great likelihood of physical strain. However, looking for solutions is what we’re all about and we…Read More

  6. Push-Back Keeps a Low-Profile with Pallet Flow Rack

    Low-profile, deep-lane pallet storage is absolutely achievable and it’s likely more simple to implement than you may think. Push-back pallet flow is a very efficient pallet storage solution that gives you the reserve storage space you need with the SKU selectivity of a traditional push-back system without sacrificing the vertical space of a cart system. Additionally, a push-back lane created usi…Read More

  7. Pick-Reserve… What a Concept! Rolling Out an Efficient Solution

    Quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively filling orders are the primary goals of any distribution facility. One of the biggest challenges to ensuring success is constantly replenishing pick lanes. Thankfully, there is a gravity flow solution for that. Pallet flow and carton flow both offer a variety of benefits for orderly and efficient inventory picking including smooth inventory replenishment. …Read More

  8. Watch New Flex Separator Take on Non-Standard Pallets for Superior Case Picking

    Something new is flowing your way… Full Roller Flex Separator (FRFS 202) for case picking from floor-mounted pallet flow using non-standard or varying pallets. Keep the pallets flowing, easier empty pallet removal, improved pick rates, and safer working conditions. Watch our video demonstration for application details: Pallet Flow Test Details: Pallet flow system: Full roller with FRFS 202 palle…Read More

  9. Mallard Announces New Adjustable Gravity Conveyor Guards

    Gravity conveyor is an effective tool in the toolkit of an efficient warehouse. It is an economical way to quickly and easily move cases, cartons, totes, and single items for order processing, manufacturing & assembly, kitting, shipping & receiving, and/or for general conveyance of flat-bottomed or rigid-bottomed materials. Gravity conveyor is modularly configured to ensure that it conform…Read More

  10. There’s Nothing One-Dimensional About Design Engineer Darrell Wallace — Join Us for a Mallard MeetUp!

    Darrell Wallace is one of the important members of the Mallard Engineering team. Darrell brings gravity flow systems to life through his understanding of systems design and with his computer software talent. We are grateful to be able to rely on his skills and our customers are better for his input on their projects. Take a moment to get to know, Darrell. A Typical Day at Mallard I spend my days u…Read More