1. Carton Flow Rack Plays a Major Role in Finished Goods Packing Operation

    People come in all shapes and sizes… and so do boxes!  An e-commerce apparel customer recently asked for a solution to make their finished goods packing station more efficient with the understanding that the solution would have to accommodate several different box options for the pickers.  So we rolled out the carton flow racking. What carton flow rack can do for this customer is to provide si…Read More

  2. Extend-a-Rail Pallet Flow Reaches for Heavy-Duty Applications

    Mallard’s latest pallet flow product innovation has gone HD to accommodate substantially weighted palletized material.  Extend-a-Rail is a unique mobile, expandable pallet flow product for flexible storage and assembly situations like dock staging and production/assembly areas. Extend-a-Rail HD offers heavy-duty wheel and bearing combinations along the rails that are manufactured to accommodate…Read More

  3. Spit-Roller Pallet Flow Rack… a Perfect Match for the Gang of Eight

    When you hear the word powder you don’t usually think, “Wow, heavy stuff,” but for one customer that’s exactly what it is and why warehousing storage and retrieval is a challenge.  A global atomized metal powder manufacturer was looking for a solution to warehouse their product… we could see pallet flow rack in their future but our first stop was the Mallard Engineering Testing Lab to c…Read More

  4. Seasonal Storage Struggles? Magnum Wheel Pallet Flow to the Rescue!

    Ok so that’s one way to do it, but we think we may have a better, more efficient way to store this delicate treat.   Magnum wheel pallet flow meets both the fast turnaround and expiration sensitive challenges of storing watermelons or any other produce product. In a recent application video, you will see that Magnum wheel actually meets up to 3x’s the challenge.  That’s three levels of wa…Read More

  5. Magnum Wheel Pallet Flow Comes to Life in New 3D Animated Video

    We’ve often shared the benefits and numerous application options of Mallard’s Magnum Wheel pallet flow, captured in test videos, photos, illustrations and blogs, but our new animated video does and says it all…  in about one minute! Take a look and watch Magnum in action, used in conjunction with a variety of pallet flow rack accessories, including speed controllers, entry guides and ramp s…Read More

  6. Quality Assured When Ordering Mallard Gravity Flow Products

     Packaging TLC Guarantees Quality On Delivery Mallard gravity flow products like our pallet flow rails and carton flow beds are manufactured to withstand the daily abuse of busy warehouse operations. .. but sometimes getting our products to you in good condition can be a bit of a challenge.   Our newly enhanced Total Quality Management strategies are making a difference however for shipments le…Read More

  7. Happy Birthday America from Mallard Manufacturing!

    July 4th is almost like a restart on the year.  It’s the reminder to savor the long summer days while we have them and maybe even slow down just a bit and take in all that we’ve accomplished thus far. All of us at Mallard hope you had a great 4th of July weekend!  As you head back to work, remember we are here to help you make your warehousing operations more productive and efficient and we…Read More

  8. Pallet Type Drives Pallet Flow Rack Configuration for Auto Parts Supplier

    We constantly ask for gravity flow challenges that we can test in our Engineering Testing Lab and boy, recently we got our wish.  A Midwest auto parts supplier was looking for an efficient pallet flow rack system, but the challenge was that they relied on not just one or two, but three different types of plastic pallets plus metal container pallets too!  With so many pallets and several pallet f…Read More

  9. New Views Enhance M-Elevation Features for Carton Flow Rack Planning

    Mallard’s proprietary M-elevation drawings are provided with every carton flow racking and pallet flow racking proposal.  These engineering schematics help customers visualize their proposed gravity flow system designs prior to purchasing. And now… M-Elevations offers an even better view. Two important new views are now avail with your Mallard carton flow rack proposals are: System Interface …Read More

  10. 10 Questions to Ask When Evaluating the Need for Pallet Separators

    Pallet flow racking is a popular high-density warehouse storage solution that maximizes capacity and throughput.  However, the fact that gravity is the main “driver” of the system the challenge of pallet flow is to make sure that the front pallet position is not just always filled but also that it can be safely picked.  Pitch, lane configuration and wheel/roller assembly are essential design…Read More