1. Before & After – Pallet Flow Rack Delivers a Tall Order for an Auto Parts Manufacturer

    When an auto parts interiors manufacturer found themselves low on space and in need of a make-sense solution to meet growing demand and increasing SKUs, pallet flow rack rolled in to stack up the savings. As you can see from the Before image above, the original plan centered around floor stacking oversized pallets filled with raw materials. As inventory expanded, so did the time it took for worker…Read More

  2. Pallet Flow Forklift Separator Ensures Food Manufacturer’s Certificate of Insurance

    This is one of those times when you think you’re at the finish line, but you hit a bit of a snag before you get across. Thankfully, all it took was some creative thinking and the Mallard forklift separator to bring it all home. Pallet Flow System Design A pallet flow system was designed for a specialty food products company to provide deep-lane pallet storage and support their FIFO (First-In/Fir…Read More

  3. Carton Flow Rack is Green to Go for Pick-to-Light

    Smaller, more specialized order picking is time-consuming and expensive. So, what can you do to optimize order fulfillment and still meet customer demand and expectations? A lot of order processing and distribution facilities are turning to technology for support. Automating all or even part of the order picking process helps reduce labor costs while assisting your team to pick more orders, faster…Read More

  4. Introducing Full Roller Flex Separator for Floor-Mounted Pallet Flow

    Full roller pallet flow is a popular pallet flow solution for good reason. It is manufactured to go the distance using heavy-duty components designed to be reliable in hectic warehouse environments. More than that, the full-width design allows for pallets of different sizes and configurations to flow dependably making it ideal for distributors that make quick inventory adjustments. And could there…Read More

  5. Split-Roller Pallet Flow – When & Why Speed Controllers Make Sense

    Pallet flow speed controllers function exactly as the name suggests, they control the speed and tracking of the pallet as it flows down the lane. Speed controllers are recommended in a number of pallet flow lane configurations to ensure system effectiveness and safety. Deep-lane systems, heavy or bulky pallet loads, and non-standard pallets that inconsistently connect with the wheels or rollers ar…Read More

  6. Mallard Manufacturing Salutes the Hard-Working American Laborer

    In a recent survey by National Day, 67% of respondents said they were firing up the grill for Labor Day, 36% were planning to watch a movie followed closely by 35% who were just looking for some quiet time. People are making plans that work for them. And so, whether you’re planning on being indoors, outdoors, or both… we wish you a safe, fun-filled Labor Day celebration. Our facilities will be…Read More

  7. Carton Flow Rack – Stability in a Shifting E-Commerce World

    Did you feel that? It was a cataclysmic shift in purchasing. Everyone knows that the digital age has ushered in the phenomena of e-commerce buying and the supply chain has been adapting to meet demand, but in March of 2020 everything changed. “The coronavirus is the biggest disruption to consumer retail spending patterns in recent history, far eclipsing the dramatic events of 2008’s Great Rece…Read More

  8. Pitching the Best Pallet Storage Solution with Pallet Flow

    Looking for a solution for plastic pallet storage? The search is over, we’ve got your answer. Full roller pallet flow is our go-to for inventory stored on plastic pallets. Full roller offers more roller to pallet contact and with the addition of Mallard’s Ultra-Grip roller speed controllers, control rules the day. Let us show you why we recommend this lane design. Ultra-Grip rollers are rubber…Read More

  9. Buyer Beware – Comparing Mechanical vs Magnetic Pallet Flow Speed Controllers

    Pallet flow speed controllers ensure that pallets flow in a controlled manner and at a safe speed down a pallet flow lane. Mallard offers four types of pallet flow speed controllers to ensure that no matter what kind of gravity flow lane you’ve designed, your inventory and team can rely on safe, effective, controlled flow. Benefits of Mallard Pallet Flow Speed Controllers Variety - 5 different s…Read More

  10. Easy Does It, Pallet Flow Delivers the Solution Warehouse Managers Need

    Let’s face it, nothing about life right now is easy. There are challenges in our warehouse and distribution supply chain that need a quick response and dependable solutions. And, since we could all use some easy right now, the Mallard team is happy to deliver on it all. Have you heard of the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder”? That’s the pallet flow way. Pallet flow rack can function as: P…Read More