1. Pallet Flow Case-Pick Fulfillment Gets a Lift with Ergo Cell Technology

    The Mallard Ergo Cell technology combines pallet flow rack, pneumatic pallet separators and a hydraulic lift table into one ergonomic full or split case-picking system that masters efficiency and safety. Ergo Cell pallet separators are installed in a pallet flow lane equipped with a lift table at the pick aisle. As the pallets flow from load end to pick aisle, the lift table position is filled. Th…Read More

  2. Reprofiling is a SNAP with NEW Slim-Fit Carton Flow Entry Guide

    The purpose of installing carton flow racking is to make your storage and order fulfillment processes faster, more accurate and more efficient than static rack options. While all our carton flow products fit that description, we’d like to add easy to use, and flexible to the list. Our latest innovation is the Slim-Fit Carton Flow Entry Guide designed to fit your Dyna Flo, Dyna Flow HD and Dyna-…Read More

  3. 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Carton Flow Rack

    Carton flow rack is at both simple and complex. Yes, it’s gravity-fed roller or wheeled tracks but just as there are many sizes and shapes of cartons, cases and totes there are different carton flow designs and configurations to best accommodate all your packaging needs. So, we are here to help you find just the right carton flow solution for your inventory needs, and the best way to do that is …Read More

  4. Happy Thanksgiving From Mallard Manufacturing

    “Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action.” W. J. Cameron As 2017 begins to wind down, we recognize that we have much for which to be thankful. New relationships were formed this year and old ones were strengthened… we are thankful for all of them. Each person and situation brought us a challenge to meet and the Mallard team has worked hard to do just that. So, as we do every day of the …Read More

  5. Dyna-Flo HD Tote Storage – Driving Home the Savings

      Auto parts manufacturing is difficult enough without parts supply confusion. Thankfully, Dyna-Flo HD carton flow is an ideal solution for simplifying SKU picking at the ready... especially when your SKUs are coming in several different-sized and shaped containers. Check out how we tame this busy pick line. System Challenge: Storage for manufacturing/parts Storage for empty containers Totes, bin…Read More

  6. Building a Rainbow with Pallet Flow Layer Pick Separators

    Layer picking is a high-rate, high-SKU order fulfillment application used in warehouses across many industries to increase efficiencies and reduce fulfillment costs.  Layer picking operations are made even more efficient when combined with pallet flow racking equipped with specialty separators from Mallard… but we’re not expecting you to take just our word for it; instead you can see it for y…Read More

  7. Pallet Flow Keeps Things Rolling for Major Auto Manufacturer

    Major auto manufacturers know how to build things that move, but when one needed to keep their parts flowing we were honored that they turned to us for a solution. Split roller pallet flow racking  is a terrific choice for this challenge but there are some key reasons why… so let’s go over the specs. The parts are secured to 5 different length pallets of varying weights, but they do share a …Read More

  8. 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Pallet Flow Rack System

    We’re told that we should learn from our mistakes, but at Mallard we’d rather keep you from making them in the first place.  That’s why we are sharing some of the most common mistakes that we try to avoid when working with customers to design pallet flow racking systems. Mistake #1 – Using inferior or damaged pallets Pallet condition is a significant concern because it must make direct co…Read More

  9. Forces of Gravity Contained with NEW Pneumatic Separator

    We are all about solving material handling challenges here at Mallard and while back pressure of bins or totes on gravity conveyor may not seem obvious to some, it can be a serious challenge in picking, assembly and manufacturing operations.  Taking a page from the Ergo technology used in our Ergo cell pallet flow separators, we have designed a pneumatic device for separating totes or product in …Read More

  10. Flow-Charts Meet Gravity Flow at the IFDA Expo

    Mallard Exhibits Foodservice Solutions to Meet Demanding Throughput Goals There will be a lot to see and do at the IFDA Solutions Conference and Expo next week but we promise there is one place where the ideas will be flowing and that is at Booth #257. The Mallard Manufacturing team will be on-hand to demonstrate the many gravity flow solutions specific to the needs of the foodservice distribution…Read More