1. Keg Flow- Making Room for the Specialty Brews with Mallard Keg Storage

    Just look behind the bar at any restaurant, pub or bar – where once stood just a couple iconic draft brands, now dawns an array of trendy, full-flavored and often unfamiliar specialty brews.  Beer drinkers wanted variety and craft brewers delivered with more than 13 million barrels produced in the US in 2012, up more than 70% since 2006.  While the microbrew trend continues to accelerate, beer…Read More

  2. Don’t Chance it… Test It!

    We Make Sure Your Pallets Flow Careful product testing and analysis have become the Mallard hallmark, bringing peace of mind to our customers and validation to our design team that your Mallard pallet flow system will get the job done. Many factors affect the reliability of a pallet flow system, including pallet type and quality, product load, weight and load distribution.  We recreate your opera…Read More

  3. How to Repair Damaged Carton Flow Rails on Any Carton Flow Shelf

    Does your carton flow look anything like these? Broken wheels, bent tracks and damaged lanes are extremely common with older or inferior style carton flow systems. Unfortunately, these issues also cause inefficient lane flow, damaged cases or product and lost productivity.  If you’re like many of our customers, you may not be ready or can’t afford to buy an entirely new system, but need a qui…Read More

  4. How Gravity Flow Will Double Your Storage Capacity… and More

    Most warehouses inevitably face some kind of space challenge, whether due to increased demand, seasonal inventories or rising SKU’s.  It’s your job to accommodate more (and more) pallets or pick slots in the same amount of space. Gravity flow storage can help. By moving high volume SKUs to high density pallet flow or shifting slower SKU’s to carton flow racking or pick modules, you can cons…Read More

  5. Check Out Our New Digs…

    Mallard is growing! We’ve tripled our pallet flow, carton flow and gravity flow business segments over the last 3 years thanks to the tremendous hard work of our design and sales teams and extended family of distributors. Great news, right?  We agree, but we also faced a big challenge; how to ensure that increased sales didn’t compromise our commitment to exceptional quality, service and deli…Read More

  6. Our Pallet Rack Solutions Can Double Your Current Storage Capacity

    Every warehouse eventually faces the enormous problem of running out of room. Warehouse space is expensive, and making sure you are using every foot of it in the best way possible is vital to your bottom line. If you're started to feel cramped in your current space and can't or don't want to move, Mallard Manufacturing can help! Our pallet rack solutions can save you time, energy, money, and gain …Read More

  7. It’s Here… Mallard’s New Web Site Has Gone Live

    We’re very excited to announce the launch of our new web site, designed with a fresh, clean look, user-friendly navigation and the latest and greatest gravity flow product information. Check out our products, applications and resources tabs – if  you’re looking for Pallet Flow, Carton Flow or Gravity Conveyor options, you’ll quickly find what you need right here. As they say… “A pict…Read More