1. Maintenance Tips for Optimal Pallet Flow Performance

    Mallard pallet flow systems are engineered to perform and built to last in the toughest of warehouse environments.  But even the "hulk" of gravity flow storage requires routine maintenance and safety checks to ensure optimal system performance and worker safety.  Your pallet flow system should be inspected for structural forklift damage, pallet or product damage and system misuse on a regular ba…Read More

  2. Finally a Better Way to Manage Extra-Long, Over-Sized Items

    Building materials, construction and home improvement products –all known for their extra-long, over-sized and awkward stature – have long been a warehouse management and storage nightmare. Lumber, molding, vinyl siding, floor to ceiling tiles and garage doors just aren’t suitable for traditional storage mediums and are typically left for bulk stacking or, in some cases, cantilever rack… N…Read More

  3. Use Our Keg Chart to Design a Perfect-Fit Keg Flow System

      Keg Flow - it may just be the best thing to happen to beer wholesalers and retailers since the birth of the microbrewery. As the flood of new craft beers continues, so do robust sales, along with an explosion of SKUs and the use of new and smaller kegs in the warehouse. This means there’s a whole lot more to manage from a storage and order fulfillment standpoint.  In addition, many of these …Read More

  4. Mallard Gravity Conveyor – The Easy Way to Keep Your Product Moving

      Gravity conveyor is the most affordable and reliable way to move materials from point A to point B.  You’ll see its rollers at work in receiving, processing, order fulfillment, staging, assembly and loading docks. Non-powered gravity sections are positioned flat for push-assisted applications or minimally sloped to flow with gravity. Constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel, Mallard’s g…Read More

  5. ProMat Attendees Look for High-Density, Case-Pick Solutions

    Today was it, our last and final day of a busy week at MHI’s ProMat 2015. Easily the largest material handling event in the US, ProMat draws close to 40,000 people to Chicago’s McCormick Place for its mega biannual trade show and conference.  This year was no exception – the Mallard booth was buzzing from day one. Thanks to everyone who stopped by! A big area of interest for manufacturers a…Read More

  6. Does Your Carton Flow System Need Full Lane Dividers?

    The good news is… probably not. All Mallard carton flow systems, from Cart-Trak roller systems to Dyna-Flo and Dyna-Deck full bed carton flow, provide smooth product flow with consistent lane tracking. There are, however, some applications that mandate 100% product separation, like pharmaceutical, medical devices or automotive manufacturing for example, where order picking accuracy is extremely …Read More

  7. What is a Flanged Roller and Why Use it for Pallet Flow?

    A simple design variation – the flanged roller for split roller pallet flow – was developed by Mallard’s engineering team to prevent certain unique loads and plastic pallets or totes from drifting off the pallet flow track.  Unlike traditional wooden pallets, these loads have a tendency of wandering as they flow. A flange, added to the outer edge of the exterior rollers, essentially creates…Read More

  8. Lower Your Cost per Pallet Position with Freezer-Cooler Pallet Flow

    Why Choose Pallet Flow for Refrigerated Pallet Storage?  Refrigerated and freezer warehousing is an expensive (and rather risky) proposition, with costs running up to 10x more than ambient storage.  Raising the stakes even further – empty refrigerated space costs far more to cool than one that’s fully stocked. To ensure the lowest operating cost per pallet, a temperature controlled storage a…Read More

  9. How to Choose the Right Carton Flow for Your Application

    You already know you need a better way to handle carton storage and improve ordering picking operations - from better space utilization to more ergonomic, productive order selection, carton flow is the obvious choice.  The next step, determining which system is best for your application, can be a far more daunting question and critical to carton flow system performance. Your first step is to have…Read More

  10. Have a Difficult Pallet Flow Challenge?… Test It in Our Lab

    Awkward or over-sized, extra-heavy or just downright difficult loads – Bring them on!! There’s nothing our engineers like more than an interesting pallet flow challenge.  Let’s face it, it’s in their DNA.  And, it’s become Mallard’s modus operandi. Mastering the standard “stuff” is no less important, but the further-reaching, custom pallet flow project is a niche we’re all very…Read More