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From simple carton flow to complex deep-lane pallet flow & pick modules, we’ll design your ideal custom solution.

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Quick snap-on entry guides are an easy way to increase lane and SKU visibility for fast, efficient inventory loading and more productive, accurate order picking.

Full-length carton flow lane dividers ensure orderly SKU separation to maintain pharma and medical compliance, precise parts selection for manufacturing and improved pick rates for order processing.

Impact trays installed at the charge/load side of the carton flow shelf take the punishment of heavy carton restocking while sparing the wheeled lanes from damage.

Tilt trays provide ergonomic picking and better product visibility at the pick line. Easy to install and tilt is customizable.

Brackets designed to accommodate different pitch levels in all types of pallet racking, both structural and roll-formed and will not interfere with system guides and dividers.

Mallard Carton Flow Accessories – The Plus Factor

Mallard carton flow racking is designed and manufactured to provide a superior boost to your picking and storage operation. Our custom carton flow rack accessory products will further enhance the performance and longevity of your carton flow system. They are more than simply optional features… they are created to be deployed only where needed to help you reach operational optimization. That’s a big Plus.

Benefits of Carton Flow Accessories:

  • Installs easily on ALL new & existing carton flow systems, including other brands
  • Protects carton flow tracks and wheels from misuse and damage
  • Increases pick accuracy and productivity
  • Speeds up product mix changes and reprofiling
Carton Flow Rack Tilt Tray


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