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Dynamo Pets Deserve Dependable Dyna-Flo Carton Flow

We always say that we want the Best gravity flow solution for our customers. Not just suitable, but the best. Here’s a great example of the steps our Engineering Testing Lab will take to find the best carton flow solution for a customer… (and you don’t even have to be fluffy and cute to get this kind of service).

Carton Flow Rack for Shrink Wrapped CasesInventory Challenge:

  • Standard case canned dog food 9”w x 12”d
  • Flat-style cardboard box
  • Shrink-wrapped (no loose wrap)
  • 14 lbs. each

What could be challenging about that?

Ensuring that the cases flow quickly, evenly and without hang-up down an 8’ carton flow lane takes engineering design and more than a few runs down the test lane as you can see in our recent test video.

The Test:Dyna-flo HD Carton Flow Rack

The engineers selected Dyna-Flo HD for this customer for its many advantages over standard carton flow products including that it is our strongest, most durable carton flow.

Dyna-Flo HD Advantages:

  • Easily drops into existing pallet rack
  • Full wheel bed accommodates cartons of all sizes and shapes
  • Durable wheel and axle assembly
  • Simple, easy product reprofiling
  • Consolidates and increases pick slots

As you can see in the test video, the first test is a success! Dyna-Flo HD on 2” centers flows the cases quickly and without hang-up just as we had predicted. So, as the kids might say, “Are we there yet?” “Nope, not by a long shot,” is our answer. Remember we are looking not just for what works, but for the Best solution, so we keep testing.

Flowing a single case is nothing like the real-life application where case after case will flow down the lane. We also know that picker after picker will have to quickly identify and accurately pick each case from the discharge end… with that in mind we test several lane dividers and entry guides to see if we can improve upon the first test configuration.

The full-length lane dividers are very useful for certain inventory, but as you can see from the video, the shrink wrap on the case slows the progression down lane. They are a no-go for this solution.

Instead, to optimize the efficiency of carton loading we tested and ultimately recommended the Mallard slim-fit entry guides. The entry guides are tall enough to clearly mark each SKU lane and they can help guide the flow of the cases down lane to aid in clearly identifying the pick lanes.

Advantages of Mallard Carton Flow Entry Guides:

Mallard Slim-Fit Carton Flow Entry Guide

  • Quick snap-on installation anywhere along the shelf bed
  • 100% adjustability along full carton flow shelf bed
  • Easily moved to accommodate product changes
  • Reduce labor cost for re-slotting through ease of installation
  • Quickly adjust for seasonal fluctuations
  • Accommodate more products in less space

Lastly, the cases are tested on Dyna-Flo HD on 3” centers just to make sure that we had the best carton flow configuration for our customer. As suspected, the cases flowed, but less efficiently down the 3” centered flow lanes. The 2” centers simply provide better coverage for these 9”x 12”, moderately weighted cases and therefore better flow.

The Best Solution:

  • Dyna-Flo HD carton flow 2” centers
  • Slim-fit entry guides
  • Happy 4-legged friends

The Mallard in-house test lab provides a terrific, unique service to our customers and enables us to meet our standard of providing the Best gravity flow solutions. Can we schedule your project for a test? Give us a call and we’ll get right to work.

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