Cart-Trak Carton Flow - Mallard Manufacturing

Collectively, we’ve never been more dependent on internet modems than we are today. Consequently, the Mallard Testing Lab Engineers are happy to deliver a productive carton flow solution that helps get these products to anxiously-waiting customers.

This clever hybrid Cart-Trak carton flow rack design delivers a cost-effective and efficient solution for inventory storage and order picking. This lane configuration can be implemented for any similar products in your warehouse inventory.

Benefits of Hybrid Cart-Trak Carton Flow Lane

A hybrid Cart-Trak carton flow lane is configured with both standard rollers and bearings rollers. There are several benefits to this design for the right inventory.

  • Using bearings rollers requires fewer rollers needed overall
  • Control inventory flow speed with strategic placement of the bearings rollers
  • Reduce pitch and gain shelf levels (i.e. more pick faces)

 Hybrid Cart-Trak Rack Carton Flow Test

The Mallard engineers were able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the hybrid Carton Flow lane in this recent test. For this lane design they chose to alternate the standard and bearings rollers.

Carton Flow Lane Test Design

  • Alternating Cart Trak & Cart Trak with bearings
  • Wheel diameter 3/4″
  • Wheel centers 3″
  • Lane length – 48”

Carton Flow Test Results

  • Reduced carton flow rack pitch to ¼” vs. ½” gaining an additional shelf level -i.e. 8-10 pick slots per bay x 20 bays = 160 – 200 additional pick faces!
    • 200 more pick faces
    • 50% fewer bearings rollers
  • Alternated standard Cart-Trak rollers with bearings rollers to slow-down and control flow
Cart-Trak Carton Flow - Mallard Manufacturing
Unit 2

We tested both modem receivers. Unit 1 was able to be safely stacked up to 4 high and flow reliably down the carton flow lane. We placed the inventory upside down in the lane to avoid the rubber feet on the bottom from interfering with the flow.

We loaded Unit 2 inventory into totes due to the protruding lip on the top and bottom of the unit. The totes flowed the inventory well and provide additional protections for the units.

An alternative option for roller placement would be to use the bearing rollers until the last 16” of the system and then place the standard rollers there to effectively slow down the inventory before arriving at the pick face. We chose to go with the alternating rollers for this application.

More Pick Slots, More Cost-Effective Inventory Storage & Picking

Cart-Trak is a dependable carton flow solution for inventory with consistent widths similar to the modem receivers in this test. Cart-Trak rollers are galvanized, and rails drop easily into existing pallet rack. It’s a durable, low-maintenance product for busy warehouse environments. Call the Mallard team to help you determine optimal pitch, lane configuration, and roller spacing. We will work with your inventory and budget to develop just the right system for your needs.