mallard carton flow lane dividersCustom, heavy-duty carton flow rack guide secures unwieldy cartons for consistent flow

Mallard offers a variety options for carton flow rack lane dividers, guides and accessories in our carton flow toolbox, but should one not quite solve your application challenge, our engineers will design something that does!

In this case, a major industrial products distributor with over 500,000 SKUs, and next day delivery service, needed a carton flow solution to handle some extra-tall, high volume, awkwardly-shaped cartons.  Our standard guide options wouldn’t work for their long lanes and tall, heavy cartons.  So, we engineered one that would.

We created a bolt-on, full-length, lane guide with a taller side rail than any we currently offered.  When tested in our testing lab, the tall, awkward cartons flowed smoothly and tracked down-lane evenly.

Carton Flow System Design:

  • Dyna-Flo carton flow full wheel bed for varying carton sizes
  • Custom full-length lane divider
  • Easy installation – lane divider is bolted to the frame spacer eliminating need for on-site drilling
  • If needed, additional rigidity can be achieved by adding an additional frame spacer

As you can see from the pictures to the right, this lane divider is simply bolted to the frame spacer and provides a secure element to the carton flow to ensure the safe, efficient carton flow our customer requires.  Take a look at our Carton Flow Guides and Lane Dividers web page to review all our options, but don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have a unique need that may require a custom solution, that’s what we’re here for!

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