Mallard Carton Flow Order ButtonYou’ve all seen those instant gratification, never been easier, EASY order buttons. Just one click – your order is placed – and on your doorstep the next day. Well, with the latest addition to the Mallard instructional video series, we are getting you closer than ever before to customized carton flow solutions delivered with EASE and directly to you.

So, take a walk with us through this step-by-step instructional video of a Dyna-Flo/Dyna-Flo HD carton flow data sheet. We focus on the specifics, or “how-to’s”, for completing the data sheet with just the right measurements and specs to get exactly the carton flow solution that you require.

Note:  Product data sheets are supplied to you by your sales manager in order to obtain the product and system details needed to expedite your order. To request a copy, just email

As you watch the video, notice that the yellow arrow on the left side of the screen indicates which data field is being explained in the video footage on the right. So just follow along and all your questions will be answered, including…

Video Highlights 

  • Measuring Product
  • Dyna-Flo Product Specs
  • Mounting Differences of Dyna- Flo and Dyna-Flo HD
  • Properly Measuring Rack Components
  • Carton Flow Accessory Details

If you’re unsure that Dyna-Flo or Dyna-Flo HD is the right carton flow racking solution for your particular inventory needs, check out our recent blog, 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Carton Flow Rack. The information in the blog should help confirm which carton flow application will be the best fit. And of course, you can always give us a call. Our gravity flow experts are here to assist you.