Oh, we knew what we were getting with these boxes of chocolates – Check out the story…

We’ve handled a lot of important and delicate product over the years in our pallet flow rack and carton flow applications, but frankly what is more important than chocolate?  Really, really good chocolate too.  So when our testing lab was provided with customer supplied product, we knew we had to find an efficient and safe delivery method for this precious cargo.

Flo-Guide flanged wheel carton flow seemed like the best choice.  Why flanged wheel?… Well because Flo-Guide is ideal for very deep lanes, tote flow and/or lightweight consistent carton width packages where full length guiding is necessary.  Flo-guide specialty ABS flanged wheels are available in multiple configurations and can be customized for individual applications. The ABS thermoplastic wheels are tough and allow for the specialty molding required for the flanged wheel design that makes this carton flow work so well in these circumstances.

Flanged Wheel Flo-Guide Carton Flow from Mallard ManufacturingAdvantages of Flo-Guide flanged wheel carton flow:

  • Specialty ABS wheels
  • Flanged roller design separates product while guiding totes/cartons
  • Large flowing surface
  • Ideal for lighter weight applications
  • Configurable

So, while we were pretty sure Flo-Guide was the answer a test was in order to confirm and to see if we could provide any additional customer support for this project.  Here are the test details:

Test Parameters:

  • Box Length x Width – 7 ½” x 10 ½”Flanged Wheel Carton Flow Video Test
  • Box Heights – 4” & 2”
  • Box Weights – 5 & 2 lbs.

As you can see two different boxes were tested.  Both were shrink-wrapped securely which made them bow slightly (this will be important in a minute).  For now, we quickly determined:

Test Results:

  • Flo-Guide system worked very well with these boxes
  • This system allows product to be separated while guiding boxes down the lane
  • Testing did not show any signs of boxes hanging up in the lane

Carton Flow by Mallard ManufacturingSo we could be done at this point, but not the Mallard testing lab engineers… they had to know if stacking the boxes was a viable option.  Remember when we said that the packages bowed a bit once shrink wrapped, well because of that the cartons did not sit flat when stacked which caused shifting on impact at the pick face.  Stacking the cartons was not recommended, however, a quick test with a tote confirmed that a tote or case could be used in the same system to supply several boxes at the pick face at once if the customer required more product density in the pick lane.

Solutions for stacking 2-3 high:

  • Wrap boxes together
  • Use tote or carton to hold several boxes

What precious cargo are you storing and fulfilling?  As you can see we’ve been trusted with the best, so bring us whatever you’ve got and we will work to ensure you’ve got the best designed, configured, and most efficient carton flow application working for you! Give us a call today.

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