Carton Flow Full-Length Lane Divider

Whether you’re choosing to fully separate SKU lanes for productivity and accuracy or you’re required to do so as a compliance issue, the NEW Dyna-Flo HD carton flow lane dividers are an excellent choice and offer a broad-range of operational benefits.

Getting the Most from your Carton Flow System

Dyna-Flo HD full-length lane dividers consist of heavy-duty tubing that easily drops into custom mounting brackets located on both front and rear beams. Once in place, lane dividers provide quick lane visibility for product replenishment while also keeping cartons, cases and totes in their own lane while traveling from load/charge side of the shelf to pick aisle.

The custom mounting bracket also allows for quick positioning and repositioning of the lane dividers anywhere along the carton flow bed within 1” intervals. SKU’s can be mixed, lane to lane, across the bed and quickly adapted for new product profiles while inventory remains organized and/or compliant. Full-lane SKU segmentation can also improve both pick and put accuracy and speed… all leading to improved productivity.

Dyna-Flo HD Lane Divider Advantages:

  • Ideal for fragile, tall or bulky inventory
  • Ensures better lane visibility for faster, more accurate replenishment & picking
  • Separates SKUs to comply with regulatory restrictions
  • Use with Dyna-Flo or Dyna-Flo HD carton flow
  • Easy to reposition for inventory re-slotting

Dyna-Flo HD lane divider lengths are customizable up to 20’ and the heavy-duty design ensures that the lane dividers will be able to handle the weighty inventory that Dyna-Flo HD was created to support… up to 50 lbs. per 8’ of unsupported length.

Full-Length Carton Flow Lane Divider - Mallard ManufacturingDyna-Flo HD Lane Dividers Specs:

  • Heavy-duty tubing
  • Supports inventory up to 50 lbs.
  • Adjustable on 1” intervals
  • Lengths customizable up to 20’

In addition to our full-length carton flow lane dividers, Mallard also offers additional unique and customizable accessories to enhance the functionality of your carton flow system.

Mallard Carton Flow Rack Accessories

  • Tilt Trays – reduce worker injury and improve pick rates and accuracy with ergonomically positioned pick tray.
  • Impact Trays – recommended for all heavy carton and tote applications to reduce wear and tear on wheels and tracks and minimize costly repairs and downtime.
  • Entry Guides – if full-length guides are not necessary, consider entry guides for faster, more accurate loading and/or inventory guidance anywhere along the lane.
  • Specialty Mounting Brackets – unique to each carton flow product type to ensure the best fit and long-term functionality. Will not interfere with RFID, pick-to-light and pick-to-voice operations.

Each accessory product is designed to maximize the use and performance of your carton flow racking system. Check out our system pictures and illustrations on our gallery pages, then give us a call. The gravity flow specialists at Mallard are available to discuss your carton flow rack system design and needs.