Mallard Carton Flow Racking

The Mallard carton flow racking product line is fairly extensive.  There are six major types of carton flow rack and variations within… which can sometimes make choosing the right system a bit of a process.  Our engineers and system designers are of course experienced enough to help guide our customers but sometimes it still comes down to the testing lab to find just the fit.  As was the case recently when a national eye care products supplier came to us with an interesting, small, super-lightweight, plastic carton that they wanted to use in a picking configuration.

We’ve used the flanged wheel Flo-Guide carton flow in the past with similar cartons because of the need for lightweight items to make constant contact with the wheels while progressing down lane… but in this case our testing lab engineers thought there still might be a better way.  So, they set up a second lane of Cart-Trak roller carton flow thinking that the roller bearings of this system might provide just the right momentum to advance the product down lane.  Here’s the video test and a breakdown of the testing parameters:

Cart-Trak Carton Flow TestTest Parameters:

  • Cart-Trak carton flow wheels with bearings on 3” centers
  • Flo-Guide flanged wheel carton flow lane
  • 8’ long testing lane at ¾” per foot pitch
  • Carton size – 10”x 8.5”
  • Carton weight – .5 lbs.
  • Carton description – plastic with ribs that protrude ½” from the bottom of the bin

As you can see, the flanged wheel lanes do advance the product but the full-carton coverage of the roller system out-performs that option.  The bins stay nicely in the lane and advance easily despite their extreme light weight and even our attempts to hang them up.

Cart-Trak carton flow by MallardCart-Trak carton flow racking is manufactured to drop into existing pallet rack.  It comes galvanized and if needed can be fitted with pick trays and lane dividers to facilitate efficient, ergonomic picking.  Slow-down plates can be added as well to ensure a safe flow for heavier or bulky items.

Do you have a carton, tote or inventory item that needs a new or better picking configuration?  Give us a call and we’ll fire up the testing lanes to design the system that will work the best for you.

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