Carton Flow Rack - Mallard Manufacturing

Where can you find Dyna-Flo, Dyna Flo HD and Cart-Trak carton flow rack all in one place? Awe you guys are so smart! It’s Mallard’s newly upgraded carton flow testing area.

Our test lab engineers are hard at work ensuring that our customers get the best solution to meet their needs… and now they can do that with a longer, more thoroughly-equipped test center.

Carton flow rack tests are useful in confirming the engineering specs of customized carton flow applications. The tests can be done for single-piece inventory, totes and cartons. In addition, we find them helpful in evaluating single applications for multiple-SKU order fulfillment. Every test is recorded on video and uploaded for customers to see just how well the carton flow rack application performed with their inventory.

Our test center is equipped with both wheeled and roller carton flow rack to test both variable and consistent-width packaging. We also have carton flow accessories such as tilt trays built right into the system. Lane guides and dividers can easily be added to demonstrate specific uses as customer applications would benefit.

While our new test center is great, we can also send customized carton flow test levels of your design to you to try out directly. A Mallard gravity flow specialist can work with you to determine the best way to test your system.

Carton Flow Rack - Mallard Manufacturing

Do you have an order picking application that’s a little out-of-order? Maybe a run through the test lab can help identify a more suitable design or accessory to improve efficiency, accuracy and ROI. Give us a call and let’s discuss your best options.