New 30,000 sf facility to Meet Growing Demand for Carton Flow Rack Systems & Accessories

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We’re proud to announce the opening of our newest manufacturing facility located in Maquoketa, Iowa. The 30,000 sq. foot facility opened its doors on July 1st, 2019 as a dedicated carton flow rack manufacturing site. The need for a new facility is largely due to the increased market demand for carton flow rack to handle faster, smaller, more customized order fulfillment. Carton flow rack is recognized as an affordable, space-saving storage solution for case, carton and each-pick applications.

Mallard Mfg. Carton Flow Punch Press
High Speed Press Brake

The new Iowa plant provides the capacity needed to meet the growing demand for carton flow rack and accessories. The site is equipped with high-speed press brakes, punching equipment and  workstations to ensure optimal processing efficiency, accuracy and lead times.

All six types of carton flow that Mallard manufactures will be produced in the Iowa facility. Each customer’s operation and inventory is different and so as leading gravity flow specialists, Mallard offers a variety of products to most closely match their need. The style of carton flow is mostly dependent upon the size and style of the inventory that will be stored in the flow system.

Dyna-Flo is a leading wheeled carton flow product most often specified to accommodate inventory of different sizes within the same picking bay. Conversely, Cart-Trak carton flow is a leading roller system and thus more suited for same-sized inventory. For heavy cartons, cases and totes up to 50 lbs. each, Mallard’s Dyna-Flo HD is often the best solution. Beverage, wine & spirits, dairy are often prime HD inventory.

Mallard Mfg. Carton Flow Work Station
Multi-Station Carton Flow Assembly

Other Mallard carton flow products include Dyna-Deck which is a replacement system for old or ineffective carton flow products, Flo-Guide which is a flanged-wheel system for items that might shift in the lane, and economy products Rack-Trak and Econ-Flo.

Contact the Mallard team to help design your order picking system. Our gravity flow specialists will find the right carton flow and/or pallet flow systems and accessories to ensure you meet your customer order fulfillment goals. Just give us a call.

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