Mallard’s proprietary M-elevation drawings are provided with every carton flow racking and pallet flow racking proposal.  These engineering schematics help customers visualize their proposed gravity flow system designs prior to purchasing. And now… M-Elevations offers an even better view.

M-Elevations from Mallard
M-Elevations Plan View

Two important new views are now avail with your Mallard carton flow rack proposals are:

  • System Interface View – details upper level selective pallet rack positioning
  • Plan View Drawings – a top view of the gravity flow/pallet racking system within the warehousing footprint

The system interface view offers a valuable look at how the carton flow rack will fit within and work with selective pallet rack storage located above the flow rack.  This is a useful view particularly for order picking and reserve storage load/retrieval planning.

The plan view allows customers to see how the proposed design fits within their building parameters as a whole.  This schematic allows that “birds-eye” view of the full space with special consideration of the fixed features of the warehouse such as columns, doorways, docking, office space, etc. to ensure maneuverability and work flow efficiency.

M-Elevations for Carton & Pallet Flow by Mallard
M-Elevations Front View

M-elevations are developed using customer supplied specs to ensure the system design will meet their specific needs for inventory and throughput goals.   SKU count, carton profile by SKU, available space, system specs i.e. within rack or stand-alone system, and more are the types of details we use to develop the customized carton flow system while optimizing space and ensuring the most ergonomic, efficient order picking for your workforce.

With all those details loaded, the M-Elevations then show our customers what their system will look like and how it will function.

Benefits of M-Elevations for Carton Flow:

  • Provided as part of every complete carton flow proposal
  • Using customer stats, help determine:
  • # cartons per shelf
  • # shelf levels per bay
  • # bays per system –
  • Beam elevations per bay (incl. carton & shelf height as well as carton lift-off)
  • Carton profile per shelf and lane

Added Benefits of System Interface and Plan View Drawings:

  • More complete inventory profile
  • Full warehouse flow including fixed obstacles & equipment lanes
  • Advanced planning to mitigate onsite installation issues

Racking systems are a major capital expenditure for our material handling customers.  Mallard gravity flow experts are on hand to help design your system and our enhanced M-Elevations can provide unique views of the system within the warehousing space AND with accompanying pallet racking for the best level of planning and evaluation prior to ordering.  Let us show you the difference, give us a call to discuss your storage and picking needs.

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