The purpose of installing carton flow racking is to make your storage and order fulfillment processes faster, more accurate and more efficient than static rack options. While all our carton flow products fit that description, we’d like to add easy to use, and flexible to the list.

Our latest innovation is the Slim-Fit Carton Flow Entry Guide designed to fit your Dyna FloDyna Flow HD and Dyna-Deck carton flow applications. This guide takes the snap-on feature of our existing divider and adds the flexibility to use it on ANY of our Dyna Flo or Dyna-Deck carton flow products… and, for any configuration of those products including 1”, 2” and 3” center designs. Slim-fit also has a higher profile providing better lane visibility and guidance for a wide variety of carton sizes.

Mallard Slim-Fit Snap-On Carton Flow Guide Video

As you can see in our video, the ease of use of the Slim-Fit entry guide for product reprofiling can’t be beat.  The divider simply snaps onto the carton flow axle and yet it also fits securely so that it won’t be dislodged when bumped while loading cartons. You will notice some play in the divider, that is expected and will not impede the use.

Tested to over 300 snap-on/snap-off trials without damage, we are confident that this product meets the Mallard demand for long-lasting durability.

Slim-Fit Entry Guide Features:

  • Tall, slim and bright yellow make it easier to see for faster loading
  • Designed for use on all Dyna-Flo, Dyna-Flo HD and Dyna-Deck carton flow applications
  • Fits 1”, 2”, 3” center spacing on standard Dyna-Flo or Dyna-Deck
  • Fits 2” & 3” center spacing on Dyna-Flo HD
  • Slimmer and more snug fitting than our existing snap-on dividers
  • Simply snap-onto carton flow axle to form neat, orderly carton flow lanes
  • Durable for years of use in busy order processing operations

The year may be winding-down, but the innovations keep coming from the Mallard team. If you are looking to add more sorting, picking, order fulfillment efficiency to your operations, give us a call and let’s see if gravity flow products will make a measurable difference for you.

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