Detailed Carton Flow Rack Schematics Defines Custom-Fit Carton Flow Solutions

Value-added is the focus of every Mallard proposal… the right system design defined and displayed as clearly as possible. This is why we created M-Elevations for Carton Flow to accompany every Mallard carton flow racking proposal. M-elevations provide a detailed picture of the proposed carton flow rack system to help visualize the layout before a single shelf is ordered.

carton flow racking elevation drawings

Mallard’s design team uses your application parameters – inventory profile, carton dimensions by SKU, available space and pallet rack/shelving specs – to create a carton flow rack design that both optimizes space and ensures the most ergonomic, efficient order picking system.  M-elevations will also help you define an effective product/carton slotting plan, restocking schedule (peak or low activity times), and shelf height.

carton flow racking elevation drawing Advantages of Mallard’s M Elevations for Carton Flow 

Here’s where the Value-Added becomes Value+ because M-Elevations will help you to…

  • Plan your system layout and product slotting options
    • # cartons per shelf
    • # levels per bay
    • SKUs per lane
  • Determine % cube utilization
  • Define the Ideal product flow for today and for future growth
  • Determine the ergonomic beam levels for both charge and pick side, not only improving pick rates, but preventing repetitive motion injuries
  • Prevent beam/shelf damage by setting beam heights for picking – no more stepping on beams or carton flow shelves

carton flow rack types by Mallard

As you can see (yes the pun is intended) the benefits of the Mallard M-Elevations – and our extensive variety of carton flow rack systems – are measurable.  Our designers can prepare 2-3 carton flow profiles demonstrating various slotting options to establish the optimal cube utilization.  Again, that’s what we’re going for here… complete customer satisfaction.  Give us a call to discuss your storage and picking needs and we’ll let you see if carton flow is the most efficient use of your time and money.

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