Carton Flow Tilt Tray

Picking operations using carton flow gravity flow systems already benefit from efficient product placement and restocking to keep orders filled and distribution moving.  Maximizing those efficiencies can be done by adding the tilt tray to the front pick line.  The tilt tray displays the front cart at an angle providing better SKU visibility and easier access.

Dyna-Flo Carton Flow with Tilt Tray
Watch Carton Flow Tilt Tray in Action

Mallard Tilt Tray Advantages:

  • Easy to install on standard pallet racking
  • Works with all Mallard carton flow solutions
  • Ergonomic picking – no need to reach into the rack
  • Better pick visibility
  • Heavy duty design manufactured to last
  • Tilt angle is customizable

Here’s a recent project recap featuring the simple, yet effective, carton flow tilt tray – Take a look:

Real-Life Scenario:

Cart-Trak Carton Flow with Tilt Tray

This global industrial products manufacturer fills several carton and each pick orders daily.  To maximize picking speed and accuracy, and to prevent repeat motion injuries, the new carton flow racking system design includes the Mallard carton flow tilt tray.  The tilt tray is mounted to carton flow that is fitted into traditional pallet racking.  It extends out an additional 12” from the carton flow lane at a slight angle.  The design creates an ergonomic, comfortable reach for order selection while providing better SKU visibility at the pick face.

For this customer, we specified cart-trak carton flow because the cartons were consistent in size despite housing separate SKUs.  For customers with varying sized cartons, dyna-flo carton flow would work just as well with the tilt Dyna-Flo Carton Flow with Tilt Tray tray (for example, see photo below).  The overall system lane depth of this project was 10’ including tilt tray.  Impact trays were also added to the charge/load side of the system to bear the brunt of restocking impact thus protecting the carton flow lanes from damage.  Lastly, lane dividers were added to ensure a smooth product flow from load to pick face.  Cartons ranging from 10-20 lbs. each were well within the weight limit for the lanes and the heavy-duty trays.

Cart-Trak with Tilt Tray System Design

  • Consistent sized cartons
  • 10-20 lbs. per carton

    Carton Flow Impact Tray
    Carton Flow Impact Tray
  • Lane depth: 10’
  • System width: 28’ (3 x 9’ bays)
  • Eight 12”Cart-Trak lanes per level
  • Five levels per bay
  • 120 total lanes
  • Tilt tray added to pick levels 2-5
  • Impact tray added to load end levels 1-5

All Mallard carton flow accessories are designed for flexibility – adaptable for use with all carton flow types and applications. Mounting attachment methods will vary depending on beam type and orientation.  Our gravity flow experts will help you determine the best fit for your application and fulfillment goals.   Call today.

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