Carton Flow Mobile Work Cell - Mallard Manufacturing

Mobile carton flow work cells are the right product at the right time. As operations managers deal with an increase in smaller, more individualized order processing at a faster rate they are also facing workforce shortages and retention issues. Well, the Mallard engineers heard the need and in response have designed a tool to help solve this warehousing challenge. Our mobile carton flow work cells are fully-equipped carton flow storage centers that can be moved into place where and when they’re needed.

Carton Flow Mobile Work Cell - Mallard ManufacturingCommon Uses for this Handy Tool:

  • Assembly station – worker picks parts from the work cell for assembly
  • Parts restocking – worker restocks open totes for an each-pick assembly operation
  • Replenishment – replenish stock cartons from pull pallet

The functions seen in our animated video support short-run manufacturing, small parts packaging, JIT manufacturing/production… and there is so much more that this cart can do.

The carts are ergonomically designed for efficiency and worker safety. Each cart is independent and can be equipped with Dyna-Flo, Dyna-Flo (HD) or Cart-Trak carton flow to accommodate whatever carton, case or tote stored inventory you have. The shelves are easily adjustable vertically and can be fitted with tilt trays in the front to further improve product positioning for increased pick rates and accuracy.

Carton Flow Mobile Work Cell - Mallard ManufacturingCarton Flow Work Cell Specifications:

  • Widths – 32″, 48″, 58” and 70” clear
  • Depths – to 58”
  • Height – 84” posts/standard
  • Finish – blue standard, add’l color options avail

The carts are designed to be easily moved by hand but can also be equipped with tow bars so that they can be linked together and moved with a forklift.

Could your operation use a little on-the-fly carton flow? We’ve got your solution. Just give us a call to discuss options and delivery times. Our gravity flow experts are here to help find just the right solution for your needs.