Watch Carton Flow Rack Roll into Place Quickly & Easily!

Carton flow work cells are mobile carts that have proven very helpful over the past few years for customers addressing small parts storage and assembly set-up. They are easily moved into place for short-run manufacturing, light assembly, automotive and small-parts packaging applications. Recently, however, to allow customers to quickly respond to changes in demand and order fulfillment, heavy-duty work cells have been deployed in place of newly installed rack and traditional carton flow… to great success.

Recent Application

A few weeks ago, a major beverage processor was in the process of trying to schedule an install team to add needed carton flow bays at several distribution centers. With the onset of Covid-19, their plans were halted but the need still existed. Mallard was able to build these HD work cells quickly and deliver them so that they could be simply rolled into place. Basically “pop-up carton flow” to meet their needs.

…But the story continues. The carton flow work cells have been so helpful that we will be delivering more units to enable the warehouse team to move them around the DC and manage demand as needed. They also plan on sharing the carts within the distribution network to address supply and demand changes very quickly.

Could your operation use fast-deployed, carton storage?

Mobile Carton Flow Rack - Mallard Manufacturing

Heavy-Duty Carton Flow Work Cells

  • Fast response to inventory changes
  • No installation needed
  • Just roll & deploy
  • Lock into place with foot pedal

Mobile carton flow work cells allow your team to adjust to inventory changes fast! No need for installation teams and scheduling, no downtime or disruption. Just quick delivery and execution.

The frame of the work cell is roll-formed pallet rack that is combined with a signature Mallard base to allow the rigidity and strength that the larger-sized mobile carts require.

The carts can be equipped with either Dyna-Flo or Dyna-Flo HD wheeled carton flow or Cart-Trak roller carton flow depending on inventory needs and specifications. Shelves are fully adjustable and easy to reposition to accommodate SKU changes.


  • Increased productivity –  work cell staging provides quick assembly change-overs supporting JIT manufacturing/production
  • Greater flexibility – units are easily reconfigured for SKU and line changes
  • Better organization – keeps inventory of parts organized with FIFO stock rotation
  • More ergonomic – vs. shelf or pallet storage; easy access to parts from carton flow and tilt tray

Have Wheels Will Travel

While millions of Americans are spending their workdays online and working from home, our manufacturing operations are working hard and meeting demand. The Mallard team is ready to assemble and deploy custom-equipped carton flow work cells to your team to support them with this huge task. Contact us at 1-844-340-7019 to review your case-pick and each-pick order fulfillment needs… and we’ll ensure that help is on the way!