Carton Flow Work Flow Mobile Cart - Mallard ManufacturingThe carton flow work cell is an ergonomically designed mobile workstation equipped with carton flow shelving that can be quickly stocked and moved into position to quickly fill a specific processing need. Carton flow work cells can be moved by hand or using a forklift and optional tow attachment.

The mobile cart design offers increased flexibility, and organized, productive output for a variety of warehousing functions including:

Carton Flow Work Cell Applications

  • Parts storage and assembly
  • Short-run manufacturing
  • Small parts packaging
  • Seasonal order fulfillment
  • Frequently changing SKU storage

Mobile carton flow work cells are easy to order and your system quickly arrives ready for fast assembly. Our How-To video walks you through the steps. We suggest using two workers to complete the assembly.

Build Your Work Cell

  • Unpack and organize parts
  • Build the frame using the pre-built sides and front and rear rails.
  • Install the pre-assembled shelves at a slight pitch.
  • Place and secure the carton flow rails to the shelves.
  • Add on carton flow accessories such as tilt trays*, impact trays, and lane dividers.
  • Load up your inventory and move your carton into use!

*Tilt-tray is seen in the video

Easy Order Carton Flow Work Cell

Customize your work cell to meet your needs. Choose from four standard widths, depths to 58” and add-on accessories. The carton flow work cell will arrive ready for quick assembly.

Carton Flow Work Cell Specifications

  • Width –   32″, 48″, 58” and 70” clear
  • Depth – up to 58”
  • Height – 84” posts/standard
  • Finish – blue standard, contact us re. additional color options

Cart-Trak Equipped Work Cell

Dyna-Flo Equipped Work Cell

We recommend roller carton flow for consistently sized inventory or totes and to maximize vertical space, we suggest Cart-Trak with bearing rollers which requires only minimal pitch.

Wheeled carton flow such as Dyna-Flo is more accommodating for inventory of various or changing sizes. The full wheel bed design ensures that no space goes to waste inside the shelf bed. Be sure to inquire about Dyna-Flo HD for heavy carton load weights.

Carton Flow Work Cell Tilt Tray

Adding accessories to your mobile cart can improve functionality and productivity. Tilt trays are customizable and position the inventory so that it is easier to see and more ergonomic to pick. Tilt trays help improve pick speed and accuracy. Lane dividers are also a very useful accessory to keep each SKU clearly separated and quickly identifiable for both loading and picking. Mallard lane dividers are designed to be easy to install and durable for long-lasting use.

Whatever changes your team is facing whether smaller, more individualized order processing, manufacturing parts and assembly, frequently changing SKUs… the Mallard gravity flow rack specialists have creative solutions to help your team succeed in meeting your operational goals. Call us today so that we can put the power of gravity to work for you.

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