The Answer: Most definitely…  YES. 

Carton Flow for BeverageWe’re asked this question a lot.  Customers with heavy, over-sized cartons want a carton flow system that can handle the extra weight, but also accommodate frequent re-slotting.  Roller carton flow, like Mallard’s Cart-Trak, is a great option for durability but not ideal for applications with multiple, changing SKUs. What they need is system durability, consistent, even flow and slotting flexibility.


  • Wine & Spirits
  • Beverage
  • Dairy Products
  • Hardware
  • Auto Supply

The Mallard Solution – Dyna- Flo HD, a.k.a. our very heavy-duty version of Dyna-Flo.  The beefed up Dyna-Flo HD has larger diameter wheels, 1.9″ diameter vs. 1 3/8”, with extra, reinforced spokes for greater capacity, wheel coverage and better flow for larger, weightier carton applications.

Dyna Compare

Dyna-Flo (HD)’s durable full-width wheel bed accommodates multiple carton sizes on each shelf level for flexible and easy product slotting. 12″-16″ sections quickly and easily drops into existing pallet rack creating a productive flow system.  Dyna-Flow HD uses higher side rails which adds capacity without the need for an interior support beam. This creates additional vertical clearance between shelf beams.


  • Easily drops into existing pallet rack
  • Full wheel bed accommodates cartons of all sizes and shapes
  • Durable wheel and axle assembly
  • Simple, easy product reprofiling
  • Consolidates and increases pick slots


  • 1.9″ polypropylene staggered skate wheel
  • 50 lb. sq. ft. capacity per 8 ft. unsupported length
  • 12″-16″ wide sections – (6) 16″ cover 96″ beam
  • Available in 2″ and 3″ centers
  • Adjustable full lane dividers
  • Optional order picking tilt tray

Need help defining your carton flow requirements?  Our design specialists will help you determine which carton flow system works best for your product mix and application.

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