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Conventional carton flow rack systems rely on individual wheeled tracks, configured and installed on shelf or pallet rack frames, to store specific carton widths.  Most of these systems are simple and cost-effective, but have one major downside – the tracks have to be lifted and reinstalled to accommodate new carton shapes and sizes. This is a labor intensive and costly process especially for businesses with a large or varying range of products.  What they need is a flexible carton flow rack system that can respond quickly to inventory demands.

Dyna-Flo Carton FlowMallard’s Dyna-Flo carton flow does just that – its full-width wheel bed accommodates multiple carton sizes on each shelf level for flexible and easy product slotting.  Heavy-duty polypropylene wheels, staggered across the width of the shelf bed, provide full carton coverage, ensuring smooth, efficient flow for even your smallest carton sizes. Although Dyna-Flo doesn’t require full-length dividers to keep cartons on track, our bright entry guides make lanes more visible for fast carton replenishment. Entry guides quickly snap onto wheel axles on any location on the shelf.

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One of the biggest labor and cost-saving advantages of Dyna-Flo is simple system reprofiling; you can easily change the carton configuration without moving tracks, keeping your order selectors on task and productively picking orders vs. handling shelf adjustments.

Dyna-Flo Specifications

  • 1 3/8”  and 1.9″ polypropylene staggered wheels
  • 12″-16″ wide sections – Six 16″ sections cover the full width of a 96″ beam
  • Available in 1″, 2″ and 3″ centers

Need Product Slotting Help?  No problem.  Using your inventory and SKU velocity reports, Mallard’s carton flow specialists will help you design the optimal product configuration for maximum picking efficiency. Call or submit our Contact Us form.

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