Does your carton flow look anything like these?

Carton Flow Rails

Broken wheels, bent tracks and damaged lanes are extremely common with older or inferior style carton flow systems. Unfortunately, these issues also cause inefficient lane flow, damaged cases or product and lost productivity.  If you’re like many of our customers, you may not be ready or can’t afford to buy an entirely new system, but need a quick and cost-effective, long term fix.

Mallard has your solution – We created Dyna-Deck, a heavy-duty, yet affordable, case flow repair system consisting of low-profile tracks that easily drop into any existing carton flow shelf.  12″- 16″ tracks form a solid wheel bed across the shelf providing full wheel coverage for cartons of varying shapes, weights and sizes.   Dyna-Deck’s low-profile design with 1 1/2″ wheel height creates greater vertical clearance for additional carton slots and easier order selection.  Dyna-Deck carton flow can help reduce labor costs and improve pick rates by eliminating the need to move tracks when reprofiling; ideal for customers whose product SKU’s change frequently.

Dyna-Deck We’ll show you just how easy it is – Call us for a free test level to try in your warehouse today!