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There were hundreds of food safety recalls in 2014; from boneless chicken breasts to canned soup to ice cream. That is not a phone call anyone in our industry wants to receive.  It undoubtedly means damage to product, reputations, bottom-lines, and gut-wrenchingly more critical – it could also cost lives.  The latest recall of cucumbers from a California-based company affected citizens in 30 states and is linked to two deaths, and while the outbreak of listeria-tainted ice cream was contained to only four states, it still resulted in 3 deaths and the shut-down of operations from April to September of this year.

It’s no surprise that the FDA has tightened in with new regulations impacting the entire supply chain, including:

  • Identification of hazards in manufacturing
  • Development of measures to reduce the risk of contamination
  • Implementation of methods to verify that the controls are working

The FDA will phase in the new rules over time, beginning in September 2016 for larger food manufacturers. Smaller companies will have longer to comply with the regulations. All of the rules should be in place by late summer 2018.  See full article.

Efficient handling, storage and tracking of dated food items is a critical first step to ensuring food safety and FDA compliance.  There are a number of sophisticated, automated systems and warehouse management software (WMS) tools available, and another, more cost-effective way to get the job done – Mallard gravity-fed pallet flow and carton flow systems.

Mallard Pallet Flow |Carton Flow Food Product Storage Advantages

  • First-in/First-out (FIFO) inventory management – ideal for food products
  • Proper lot control of dated goods
  • Clear visibility and access to product
  • Rugged, abuse-resistant design and component
    • Meets food safety guidelines for equipment
    • No broken parts/pieces near food items
    • Life Time Warranty – Magnum pallet flow wheels

Magnum Pallet Flow Wheel Compare

Carton Flow for Beverage

 Food Processing |Distribution Applications

  • Freezer, cooler and ambient high density (FIFO) storage
  • Raw materials staging in food processing facilities  – pallet flow
  • Full pallet storage of finished goods – pallet flow
  • Full pallet and case pick fulfillment – pallet flow pick module
  • Full carton and each pick fulfillment – carton flow pick module

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