start-up-checklistMuch like our simple and effective Pallet Flow RFQ Forms, we now offer online RFQ forms for Carton Flow.  Our customers regularly ask us what it is that we need to know to design, modify or update their carton flow applications.  Well, our online resource for Dyna-Flo, Dyna-Deck and Cart-Trak carton flow ordering is a great place to start!  Provide us with some background regarding your current distribution facility and your need or challenge and we provide you with an expertly developed quote… no phone-tag, no middle-man.

Complete with drawings to help you fill-in necessary details, the RFQ forms are thorough and easy to navigate.  If you have drawings of your system, you can upload them to us for our review and to provide a clear understanding of your needs.  You can also use the RFQ forms to submit an order for parts if you are seeking replacements or additional pieces.

Click below to get started:

  1. Dyna-Flo RFQ Form
  2. Dyna-Deck RFQ Form
  3. Cart-Trak RFQ Form

CT RFQ 2 snip3To help us best understand your requirements, we will ask you to include what you can of the following details:

  • Product Details: minimum and maximum weights, shapes, packaging, surface area, etc.,
  • Project Specifications:

    • # of lanes
    • # of pieces per lane
    • # of bays
    • # of levels
  • Warehouse Environment: dry, freezer, cooler
  • Rack Description: rack type, beam length and width, manufacturer specifications
  • Track & Wheel Description (if known): wheel/roller centers, width
  • Current Order Picking System: pick-to-belt, pick to conveyor, etc.

Tell us what you can.  If we have any additional questions, the expert design staff at Mallard will reach out to you and together we’ll gather the details.

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