Dyna Deck with impact close upMinimize carton flow wheel and track damage caused by heavy carton loading with a simple, cost-effective accessory – Mallard’s Carton Flow Impact Tray.

Here’s how it works – the impact tray is mounted flush with the top of the carton flow wheels on the load side of the system.  The shelf disperses the impact and carton load weight across the shelf vs. directly on the tracks, preventing bent axles, tracks, guides and cracked wheels.  Once the carton is positioned properly on the shelf, it is pushed gently on the tracks for a smooth transition and flow to the unload side of the carton flow.

The Mallard impact tray can be used on all varieties of Mallard carton flow and is highly recommended in heavy carton applications such as beverage, food, automotive, assembly parts, freezer and cooler applications.

Impact Tray Features

  • Mounts to load side flush with carton flow track
  • Evenly distributes heavy cartons onto tracks
  • Easy to install
  • Made of heavy-duty galvanized steel
  • Retrofits to all Mallard carton flow track

Impact Trays Shown on Our Dyna-Flo Series

Dyna Trio with impact tray


Broken wheelsDyna-Deck Drop-In Repair Systems Fits Any Carton Flow Bed

The photos on the right were taken at a customer’s facility using an inferior, lightweight track system. They found themselves with extensive damage from repeated loading of heavy cartons in a high-throughput environment.  Mallard replaced all of the carton flow shelves with Dyna-Deck carton flow and added impact trays to prevent future damage.

Dyna-Deck Solid Wheel Bed Features:

  • Easily retrofits any existing case flow shelf
  • Full wheel bed coverage for cartons of all sizes and shapes
  • Ideal for frequent product SKU changes


Considering new carton flow for your picking operation?  Is your current system showing signs of wear and slowing down your order fulfillment goals?  Give us a call to discuss easy, dependable solutions.

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