Work Cell with Tow and tagsEven a great product can be made better – and this manufacturing and distribution workhorse just got an upgrade.  With the addition of a steel-framed tow assembly, Mallard’s mobile Carton Flow Work Cell is put to even faster and more productive use.  Forklift operators can now quickly transport work cells where needed vs. manually pushing the wheeled carts from station to station.  Even better, the tow attachments can tow several work cells in a series.  Cells are lined up and attached via the new tow feature and dropped off at respective assembly or pick stations.

The Mobile Carton Flow Work Cell is not only created to be where you need it, and when, but also designed to be easily customized for quick SKU or shelf changes.  In addition, Mallard Dyna-Flo, Dyna-Flo (HD) and Cart-Trak carton flow tracks can be integrated into the work cell to best meet your carton specifications.  Shelves have infinite vertical adjustability to accommodate frequent SKU changes.  The Mallard Carton Flow Work Cell is a cost-effective solution to otherwise costly production and process shifts and is ideally suited for businesses operating on a Kanban system of customer demand driven inventory and manufacturing.




  • Increased Productivity –  Carton Flow Work Cell staging provides quick assembly change-overs and supports JIT manufacturing/production
  • Greater Flexibility – Units are easily reconfigured for SKU and line changes
  • Better organization – Keeps inventory of parts organized with FIFO stock rotation
  • More ergonomic – vs. shelf or pallet storage; easy access to parts from carton flow and tilt tray


  • Widths –   32″, 48″ and 60” clear
  • Depths –   24″, 42″ and 60″
  • Height – 84” posts/standard
  • Finish – black/standard;  gray & blue finish/special order

Carton Flow Work Cell

For more information regarding Mallard Carton Flow Work Cells, or if you need help defining your requirements, call our carton flow specialists. They’ll help you design the optimal product configuration for maximum warehouse efficiency.

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