Finding the right carton flow system certainly wasn’t all fun and games for this particular customer and leading toy distributor.  There was a lot riding on the decision – like hundreds of toy retailers across all 50 states and 30 countries worldwide.  With thousands of changing SKUs and a wide range of carton sizes, shapes and weights, the company needed 100% confidence that the system they chose would perform consistently – for all products, all of the time.  Mallard Manufacturing’s in-house testing lab provided this forum; an opportunity to test, evaluate and select just the right system for their needs.

The application was for full case selection.  Cases are picked from carton flow rack to conveyor, then sent on to sortation and palletizing for store distribution.  System slotting can change frequently based on product mix changes.  Mallard’s carton flow specialists suggested an evaluation using cartons covering minimum, average and maximum size/weight configurations.  They recommended Dyna-Flo HD – a full-wheel bed carton flow allowing for quick, easy SKU changes without the need for new tracks or guides.  The (HD) stands for heavy-duty, but it is also ideal for light, smaller cartons. The larger diameter wheels, at 1.9″, create greater surface contact and therefore are the best option to handle the wide range of carton specs.

Carton Flow System Testing

Take a look. This video is a clear demonstration of the depth of Mallard’s carton flow and pallet flow testing process. We keep testing every possibility until ideal results are achieved and a custom solution is developed for our customer.


Testing Parameters

  • Dyna-Flo HD – 1.9″ dia wheels
  • 1″/FT pitch
  • 2″ & 3 ” centers
  • With and without entry guides
  • Various carton weights and sizes

Test Results

  • All carton sizes had positive results on tracks with wheels on 2″ centers
  • Some small cartons experienced hang-ups on 3″ centers, however, they flowed well when the cartons were reoriented 90°.
  • A minor hang-up was caused by tape on one of the cartons
  • Snap-on entry guides were used to demonstrate how guides can be used to provide visual lane definition for carton replenishment

Dyna-Flo HD – Mallard’s strongest, most durable carton flow.  Dyna-Flo HD’s full-width wheel bed accommodates multiple carton sizes on each shelf level for flexible and easy product slotting. 12″-16″ sections quickly and easily drops into existing pallet rack creating a productive flow system.  Dyna-Flow HD uses higher side rails which adds capacity without the need for an interior support beam. This creates additional vertical clearance between shelf beams.


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