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Dyna-Deck Carton Flow with Tilt Tray

Dyna-Deck carton flow may keep a low profile, but this product really performs for customers with old, broken, or otherwise inferior carton flow. Dyna-Deck is specially designed to be an easy drop-in place for easy carton flow replacement. To ensure proper form, fit, and function, the Mallard team offers Dyna-Deck test levels to try out in the field before purchasing your replacement decks. The test levels allow you to not only test the carton flow shelf with product to verify good flow but also confirm attachment methods and fit to ensure the quality, dependable performance you’d expect from a Mallard product.

Field Testing Benefits

  • Free to test… customers pay shipping cost only
  • Determine best attachment method for existing module
  • Verify shelf and lane specifications
  • Test inventory fit & product flow

Why Test Levels Matter?

Broken, Inferior Carton Flow Shelves

Onsite testing ensures that we can provide the exact fit needed to retrofit the many original equipment (OEM) manufacturers that produce carton flow shelves. Most manufacturers have a variety of carton flow types as well as legacy products, leaving dozens of different system designs in the marketplace. The one thing that they all share is that nothing is standard. From the shelf attachment, to the wheels, each system has unique specifications.

Dyna-Deck is manufactured with the quality materials of our Dyna-Flo systems, but it is specifically designed as a replacement carton flow shelf. It offers a full wheel bed design and is available in 12” & 16” widths to get the most out of your shelf space. For example, 6 beds of 16” tracks will perfectly fill a 96” clear level.

Dyna-Deck Low Profile Design

Dyna-Deck Advantages:

  •  Retrofits/replaces any existing carton flow shelf
  • Full wheel bed design fits varying sizes of cartons, cases, and totes
  • Ideal for frequent inventory/SKU changes
  • Infinitely adjustable, snap-on entry guides

Dyna-Deck Specs:

  •  Low profile – 1 ½” top of wheel
  • 1-3/8” polypropylene wheels
  • 5-16” round axles
  • 12” & 16” width tracks
  • Available with 1”, 2” or 3” centers

Request Dyna-Deck Carton Flow Test Level

Don’t spend another day with inferior products that take more than they give, not when there is a quality product made just for your needs. To request Dyna-Deck carton flow test levels or replacement beds, just fill-in our dedicated RFQ Form. Streamlined & efficient, that’s how we roll.

If you have any questions regarding Dyna-Deck or other gravity-flow products for case, tote, or each picking, give our gravity flow rack professionals a call.

Dyna-Deck Carton Flow - Mallard ManufacturingPopular Industries Serviced by Dyna-Deck

  • Health & beauty
  • Food distribution
  • Office supplies
  • Seasonal items
  • Electronics and computer accessories
  • Parts distribution
  • Wine & spirits
  • 3 PL & kitting operations