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CF Mounting Bracket PDF
Download Carton Flow Bracket Spec Sheet

Mallard manufactures the most diverse line of carton flow products in the industry, so it stands to reason our accessories and support products are as diverse and functional. And so it is with our extensive line of Carton Flow Mounting Brackets. Mallard’s custom, easy to install, mounting brackets are made to fit all of our carton flow products whether in use within new or existing structural or roll-formed racking.

The Mallard Mounting Brackets Difference

  • Custom designed not to interfere with system guides or dividers
  • Several bracket options available for each carton flow type;
  • Brackets designed to accommodate a different pitch levels
  • Product line compatible with beam labels
  • Won’t interfere with pick our put-away labels in pick-to-light


Here’s a short video showing a Dyna-Flo assembly with full-length brackets.  As you will see, the brackets are easy to install requiring only standard tools and Carton Flow Install thumbnailmaterials.

When choosing a bracket there are several features to consider such as pitch and ensuring the bracket does not hang below the beam.  The best way to know you have chosen the correct bracket is to let us test it in our lab, or we can provide a free test level on site using the best fit bracket. Give us a call or email today!

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