Durable, Efficient Full-Width Roller Carton Flow

Cart-Trak’s full-width roller carton flow is a heavy-duty, abuse-resistant system providing full carton coverage and superior flow for cartons or totes of consistent size. Cart-Trak is galvanized and designed to easily drop into existing pallet rack.

It is durable for the demands of heavy loads and yet, the full carton coverage is often exactly what is needed in lightweight applications. Choosing the right carton flow is all about the cartons or totes and the Mallard team can help you select what is best for your needs.

Here’s some advice to help you choose the right carton flow solution:

  1. Know all of your current carton weights, sizes and quantities
  2. Select the appropriate roller widths for each carton
  3. Plan for future carton sizes if possible
  4. Include carton flow rack sections with various roller-widths to accommodate a wider a variety of carton types and sizes

NEW Cart-Trak with Bearings

Cart-Trak is now available with bearing rollers. The bearings offer several benefits over standard bushings including:

  • Less Pitch – Frees up more vertical space to:
    • Accommodate more carton flow levels
    • Increase number of SKU facings
  • Fewer Rollers – bearing rollers can often be spaced further apart saving on overall system costs
  • Increased Efficiency – smooth, consistent and faster flow with fewer hang-ups

Note:  Always Test – Cart-Trak with bearing rollers should be tested for your application and cartons to determine optimal pitch and roller spacing.  Let the Mallard gravity flow experts design just the right system for your needs and your budget. We do all our system testing right in our in-house facility, so we can ensure your gravity flow solution is optimized to your exact specifications.


  • Easily drops into existing pallet rack
  • Spans beam to beam on all rack types
  • Ideal for same box sizes or totes
  • Energy efficient and maintenance free
  • Simple bracket attachments for roll formed step beam & structural C3/C4 rack beams


  • 6″, 9″, 12″ and 16″: widths
  • 1″ 2″, or 3 roller centers
  • Galvanized steel rollers
  • Internal or external pick trays
  • Slow down plates at discharge ends