Take the Pressure Off Your Case-Picking Operation

If your employees are hand picking cases and cartons from pallets in pallet flow lanes, then you need to consider the back pressure being applied at the pick face. Back pressure is the combined weight of the rear pallets that transfers to the front pallet. When left uncontrolled, back pressure can injure workers, and damage inventory and equipment. Mallard case-pick separators can change all that. The 3D video above shows how quickly and easily the case-pick separator works to alleviate back pressure and improve case selection and ease empty pallet removal.

Here’s how to calculate that pressure:  Back Pressure = .06 x weight/pallet x number of pallets in the lane

E.g. .06 x 1200 x 5 = 360 lbs. of extra weight pressing down on the front pallet. In a deep-lane configuration that amount can multiply into the thousands!

Mallard’s case-pick separator holds and locks rear pallets a comfortable 4” to 6” behind the front pallet allowing cases to be picked and the empty pallet safely removed. Rear pallets are released to index forward with a simple foot-operated latch. Case-pick separator is recommended for case-picking from pallet applications of 2-4 deep.

Case Pick Separator Advantages

  • Eliminate dangerous back pressure
  • Boost case pick efficiency
  • Remove empty pallets quickly
  • Release rear pallets easily with foot pedal

CP 100 Design Considerations

  • Use with GMA, CHEP and pallets with cross boards
  • Minimal separation between 1st & 2nd pallet
  • For use with pallet depths of 32″ – 48″
  • Case picking for lanes no deeper than 3 pallets behind the separator
  • Install beside center rail of wheeled 3-rail system
  • Not for use with forklifts