1. Bottle Pick Rack Packs in the Power to Release Order Picking Efficiency

    Bottle pick rack is a creative warehouse storage solution that was designed by the Mallard engineers to support our beverage distribution customers. As is often the case, once we’ve designed a new gravity flow product, it’s easy to find imaginative ways to use that product to solve other warehousing challenges. Check out this interesting non-beverage application recently tested in our Engineer…Read More

  2. Planning for Bottle Pick Rack Made Easy with New Spec Sheet

    Mallard’s Bottle Pick Rack improves picking efficiencies for each picks and case-building in wine & spirits order fulfillment. As opposed to storing slower moving SKUs and each picks on static rack, bottle pick rack condenses inventory and provides an orderly gravity flow solution that improves pick rates and accuracy. Bottle pick is easy to install by simply securing the individual flow lan…Read More

  3. New Bottle Pick Rack Boosts Efficiency for Wine & Spirits Singles

    A lot of focus goes into building-in efficiencies for fast-moving wine & spirit SKUs, and of course that makes a lot of sense. But, don’t stop there and assume that your slow movers can’t also be stored and picked with measurable efficiency. Mallard’s latest Engineered Application is Bottle Pick Rack, and it’s uniquely designed to deliver those efficiencies for each picks and case-buil…Read More

  4. Mallard Brews Strong Gravity Flow Solutions for Beverage Industry

    How pallet flow & carton flow increase efficiency for beverage producers and wholesalers Beverage processors and wholesale distributors, while part of the same industry, have different operational challenges to ensure the most effective warehousing and inventory distribution.  Gravity flow solutions such as pallet flow racking, carton flow, bottle pick and keg flow can play a significant rol…Read More