1. Installing Dyna-Flo HD Carton Flow Made Even Easier | Mallard How-To

    Meet Mallard Manufacturing’s strongest, most durable carton flow racking Dyna-Flo HD Carton Flow. Dyna-Flo HD is made for heavy cartons, cases, and totes that might crack or damage lesser-quality tracks. The rugged 1.9” diameter polypropylene wheels flow inventory while the full wheel bed design takes advantage of every inch of pallet rack bay to allow for more SKU lanes and therefore more pic…Read More

  2. Cartons Flow on Carton Flow – Wheeled vs Roller System Design | Mallard Best Practices

    There is a lot to consider when selecting the most efficient way to handle small carton and each pick order fulfillment. Carton flow rack is a uniquely designed to offer maximum benefits to a picking operation. Using wheeled or roller lanes, carton flow delivers inventory to the pick face with deep-lane reserve at the ready to fill-in as items are selected. Carton flow can be used with a single lo…Read More

  3. Choosing Between Dyna-Flo or Dyna-Flo HD Carton Flow | Mallard Best Practices

    Dyna-Flo carton flow easily drops into new or retrofit storage rack systems to convert pallet space into high-density case, carton, or tote picking. What makes Dyna-Flo unique is the full wheel bed design that maximizes the space to allow for more SKU lanes and containers of varying sizes and shapes. To ensure you get the most from your carton flow application, Mallard offers standard Dyna-Flo and…Read More

  4. Create Safe, Ergonomic Case Picking with Carton Flow Rack Skid Plates | Mallard Best Practices

    According to OSHA, the leading cause of compensable workplace injury is manual material handling. This concept is not difficult for warehouse managers and teams to understand. With workers performing manual tasks of lifting, bending, twisting, stretching, pushing, pulling, and reaching there’s a great likelihood of physical strain. However, looking for solutions is what we’re all about and we…Read More

  5. Carton Flow Rack – What Is A Beam Tie & When Do We Use It? | Mallard Best Practices

    A little overloaded these days? Well, overloading can lead to a lack of productivity and, honestly, who needs that? Enter Mallard Best Practices with tips to help your gravity flow systems perform even under the pressure. Let’s take a look at a recent carton flow application that provides a good example of what happens with system overload… but don’t worry, there’s a solution and of course…Read More

  6. Cart-Trak Carton Flow Pitches a Winning Strategy for Tote Storage

    Cart-Trak carton flow is a full-width roller product best applied to heavy-duty applications with consistently-sized inventory. Totes are a common sight on Cart-Trak carton flow because it is super durable and abuse-resistant while providing superior flow. Cart-Trak rollers are galvanized for rust-resistance and easy cleaning and the lanes are designed for quick drop-in installation into standard …Read More

  7. Carton Flow Rack is Green to Go for Pick-to-Light

    Smaller, more specialized order picking is time-consuming and expensive. So, what can you do to optimize order fulfillment and still meet customer demand and expectations? A lot of order processing and distribution facilities are turning to technology for support. Automating all or even part of the order picking process helps reduce labor costs while assisting your team to pick more orders, faster…Read More

  8. Carton Flow Rack – Stability in a Shifting E-Commerce World

    Did you feel that? It was a cataclysmic shift in purchasing. Everyone knows that the digital age has ushered in the phenomena of e-commerce buying and the supply chain has been adapting to meet demand, but in March of 2020 everything changed. “The coronavirus is the biggest disruption to consumer retail spending patterns in recent history, far eclipsing the dramatic events of 2008’s Great Rece…Read More

  9. Cart-Trak Carton Flow Takes on Plastic Totes in 1, 2, 3… Go!

    Global logistics. That phrase alone these days connotes a “challenge”. And that’s just fine with us because we like a challenge… and even better, we like solving a challenge. We’ve got a really interesting take on building a Cart-Trak carton flow lane that you likely haven’t seen before. This lane was configured to help a global logistics company meet the ever-increasing demand for acc…Read More

  10. Cart-Trak Hybrid Lane Delivers 200 More Pick Faces for Essential Products

    Collectively, we’ve never been more dependent on internet modems than we are today. Consequently, the Mallard Testing Lab Engineers are happy to deliver a productive carton flow solution that helps get these products to anxiously-waiting customers. This clever hybrid Cart-Trak carton flow rack design delivers a cost-effective and efficient solution for inventory storage and order picking. This l…Read More