1. Test Before You Buy to Confirm Form, Fit & Function for Dyna-Deck Replacement Carton Flow

    Dyna-Deck carton flow may keep a low profile, but this product really performs for customers with old, broken, or otherwise inferior carton flow. Dyna-Deck is specially designed to be an easy drop-in place for easy carton flow replacement. To ensure proper form, fit, and function, the Mallard team offers Dyna-Deck test levels to try out in the field before purchasing your replacement decks. The te…Read More

  2. HD TV Meets HD Carton Flow and It’s a Perfect Match

    All inventory is valuable and these HD TVs are no exception… they're high priced, fragile commodities that require deliberate and careful treatment in a busy warehouse environment.  The challenge for this leading national retailer was to create an easy to use and access storage space that ensured efficient, damage free handling.  Dyna-Flo HD Carton Flow (as in heavy-duty) was the ideal soluti…Read More

  3. We Sweat the Small Stuff (Like Carton Flow Mounting Brackets)…

    ... So You Don't Have to! Mallard manufactures the most diverse line of carton flow products in the industry, so it stands to reason our accessories and support products are as diverse and functional. And so it is with our extensive line of Carton Flow Mounting Brackets. Mallard’s custom, easy to install, mounting brackets are made to fit all of our carton flow products whether in use within new…Read More

  4. Re-Slotting Carton Flow Made Fast & EZ

    In a business where every minute really does count, could you be losing precious time replenishing your carton flow rack? The EZ Slotter© is a handy tool that can be used with all Mallard carton flow rack solutions.  This bright, durable, snap-on entry guide improves lane visibility for considerable throughput gains and labor savings during product re-slotting.  But don’t take our word for it…Read More

  5. 10 Questions to Ask BEFORE Buying Your Carton Flow System

    Carton flow is an invaluable tool for efficient, space-saving order fulfillment of cartons and each items. Each time a customer presents us with a need, we ask several questions to narrow-in on the very best system design for today, while keeping an eye on potential future needs as well.  Here are some of the key questions you need to evaluate in order to establish the best carton flow racking fo…Read More

  6. Mallard Carton Flow Impact Tray – Built to Take the Punishment

    Minimize carton flow wheel and track damage caused by heavy carton loading with a simple, cost-effective accessory – Mallard’s Carton Flow Impact Tray. Here’s how it works – the impact tray is mounted flush with the top of the carton flow wheels on the load side of the system.  The shelf disperses the impact and carton load weight across the shelf vs. directly on the tracks, preventing be…Read More

  7. Ideal Carton Flow Is Just a Click Away

    Much like our simple and effective Pallet Flow RFQ Forms, we now offer online RFQ forms for Carton Flow.  Our customers regularly ask us what it is that we need to know to design, modify or update their carton flow applications.  Well, our online resource for Dyna-Flo, Dyna-Deck and Cart-Trak carton flow ordering is a great place to start!  Provide us with some background regarding your current…Read More

  8. Need More Pick Faces in Your Carton Flow? It’s Easier than You Might Think

    ... With Dyna-Flo’s Full Bed Carton Flow More SKUs, changing carton sizes and limited space – 3 challenges our customers bring to our carton flow testing lab every day. This leading technologies company was no exception, however they had a couple more hurdles for us to tackle.  Not only did they need a way to accommodate more SKUs, but we also had to find the best system to handle their light…Read More

  9. Productivity Upgraded with Enhanced Mobile Carton Flow Work Cell

    Even a great product can be made better - and this manufacturing and distribution workhorse just got an upgrade.  With the addition of a steel-framed tow assembly, Mallard’s mobile Carton Flow Work Cell is put to even faster and more productive use.  Forklift operators can now quickly transport work cells where needed vs. manually pushing the wheeled carts from station to station.  Even bette…Read More

  10. How Will the New FDA Food Safety Regulations Affect Your Material Handling Operation?

    There were hundreds of food safety recalls in 2014; from boneless chicken breasts to canned soup to ice cream. That is not a phone call anyone in our industry wants to receive.  It undoubtedly means damage to product, reputations, bottom-lines, and gut-wrenchingly more critical - it could also cost lives.  The latest recall of cucumbers from a California-based company affected citizens in 30 sta…Read More