1. Meet Vernon Ellis A Man Who Wears Many Hats | Mallard MeetUp

    Meet Vernon Ellis. Vernon is an integral part of the Mallard Manufacturing team. His extensive experience allows us to apply Vernon’s many talents in a number of different areas… which is a nice way of saying that we ask him to wear a lot of hats. The good thing for us is that Vernon wouldn’t have it any other way. Say, “Hello” to Vernon Ellis. A Typical Day at Mallard Fortunately for me…Read More

  2. Mallard’s 5 Steps to Finding the Best Fit Gravity Flow Solution

    When you’re looking for a gravity flow solution that performs, the Mallard team has the formula for success. The good news is we’re willing to share what we know and we’re here to help you through the process. Below we outline the 5 Steps to take to ensure that your pallet flow rack or carton flow system is optimally designed to solve your warehousing challenge. 5 Steps to Success Mallard…Read More

  3. Happy July 4th From the Mallard Team

    Immediately after the reading of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 the celebrations began though there were still major challenges that lie ahead. Those celebrations have continued for 243 years and while 2020 has been a most unusual, and certainly a challenging year, we hope that you are able to enjoy your celebrations this July 4th no matter what form they may take. The Mallard team is gra…Read More

  4. New M-Elevations Training Videos Help Gravity Flow Systems Design

    Bridging Concept to Installation Mallard’s M-Elevations program is a proprietary digital planning tool developed to help customers visualize their proposed pallet flow and carton flow system layout. M-Elevations relies on an easy to use, interface that prompts the user through each input area to develop detailed preliminary gravity flow drawings. M-Elevations provide several system views: Front …Read More

  5. Mallard Mfg – Delivering Creative Marketing & Sales Support to Help Keep Business on Track

    Health and welfare are on all of our minds at this challenging time. Beginning with the physical health and welfare of those close to us, as well as all who are suffering, we care deeply. We also care deeply about the health and welfare of our economy, of our business and yours. As companies that support a variety of businesses in the essential supply chain sector, we must get focused on creative …Read More

  6. From Destinations Near and Far – Let’s MeetUp with John Fiori

    The job of a National Accounts Manager for Mallard Manufacturing covers a lot of ground… both figuratively and literally. John joined the Mallard team in 2014. He’s an industry veteran with extensive material handling equipment, systems and inventory processing know-how. Take a minute to catch up with John Fiori. A Typical Day at Mallard My day normally starts checking emails. Quote request ar…Read More

  7. Engineering Testing Lab Streamlines Requests | Mallard Value-Added

    Ensuring that the design of your pallet flow lane or carton flow system is optimally configured for your customer’s inventory and application needs is the purpose of the Mallard Engineering Testing Lab. We’re excited to share that we’ve streamlined our test request process while making it even more comprehensive. Bottom line – it’s now even easier for you to deliver the best-fit gravi…Read More

  8. Mallard Manufacturing Cancels Participation at MODEX 2020

    Sterling, IL, March 6th, 2020 - Due to the ongoing health concerns related to Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Mallard team will not be attending MODEX 2020 the week of March 9th as planned. Our concern for the health and wellbeing of our personnel, customers, and dealers is paramount to our decision. Mallard’s manufacturing operations remain committed to fulfilling customer orders as scheduled and o…Read More

  9. Taking the Guess Work Out of Pallet Flow & Carton Flow Installation

    At Mallard, we strive to provide the best gravity flow products tailored to specific customer needs. However, if that pallet flow rack or carton flow racking is not adequately installed, customers may see less than stellar results. To ensure that your system flows to your highest expectation, we have a series of resources offered through our website that answer basic questions, reduce installation…Read More

  10. Harness the Power of Gravity at BevOps 2020

    See Tailor-Made Beverage Distribution Products from Mallard Manufacturing  Beverage distribution customers deserve more than a one-size-fits-all approach to meeting your distinct inventory needs… that’s what Mallard Manufacturing delivers and what will be on display at Bev Ops Fleet Summit March 17-19. Our gravity flow product lines are designed with your unique stock storage and processing i…Read More