1. Are Craft Brews Exploding… Your Operating Costs?

    Mallard Keg Flow Reins & Tames Craft Brew SKU Proliferation The craft brew headline of 2018 isn’t “SKU Proliferation” … believe it or not.  In all honesty, we’ve already been living that reality for almost a decade. The real news is that Mallard has a gravity flow solution to help solve the beer distribution and warehousing challenges that have come with that SKU explosion. Keg flow…Read More

  2. Smooth Beer & Beverage Fulfillment… Watch Keg Flow in 3D

    Warehouse rack and storage equipment is configured to work as a critical piece of the fulfillment process... or at least it should be. Mallard gravity flow products provide simple, streamlined efficiencies for a broad range of industries, but none more fitting or challenging than the beverage and beer markets.  Our pallet flow, carton flow and keg flow products are designed to optimize storage de…Read More

  3. 8 Things You Need To Know When Ordering Keg Flow

    The weather is getting warmer and demand for barbecues and beer is rising - no better time to think about making room for more kegs!  We all know that cooler space is one of the most expensive storage areas in the warehouse and with increasing SKUs from an exploding craft beer market and fickle demand you’ll need an economical, efficient way to maximize this space… Mallard Keg Flow is the ans…Read More

  4. Use Our Keg Chart to Design a Perfect-Fit Keg Flow System

      Keg Flow - it may just be the best thing to happen to beer wholesalers and retailers since the birth of the microbrewery. As the flood of new craft beers continues, so do robust sales, along with an explosion of SKUs and the use of new and smaller kegs in the warehouse. This means there’s a whole lot more to manage from a storage and order fulfillment standpoint.  In addition, many of these …Read More

  5. Keg Flow- Making Room for the Specialty Brews with Mallard Keg Storage

    Just look behind the bar at any restaurant, pub or bar – where once stood just a couple iconic draft brands, now dawns an array of trendy, full-flavored and often unfamiliar specialty brews.  Beer drinkers wanted variety and craft brewers delivered with more than 13 million barrels produced in the US in 2012, up more than 70% since 2006.  While the microbrew trend continues to accelerate, beer…Read More