1. Floor-Mounted Pallet Flow is Simply Best for High-Volume Order Selection

    High-volume order fulfillment doesn’t always have to be high-tech or complicated. Sometimes it’s the simple solutions that just work the best. Case in point… a major discount retail customer has found a way to maximize picks, minimize travel and ensure accuracy by relying on floor-mounted pallet flow rack for inventory staging. This system works so well, that they have implemented it in fulf…Read More

  2. New Empty Pallet Return: Twice the Benefit… Same Small Space

    Double-Sided Vertical Design Saves Space & Keeps Orders Moving Our newly designed empty pallet return system allows for twice the capacity of traditional pallet return lanes without taking up twice the space.  Our double-sided design securely transports empty pallets from the pick-face back to the load side for faster lane clearing and replenishment.  The vertical design allows for twice the…Read More

  3. Take the Pressure Off Your Layer Picking Process with Mallard’s Layer Pick Separator

    Pallet Flow Separator Blog Series Part 4 Layer picking is the retrieval of a full layer of cartons from a pallet in a single pick.  It allows warehousing operations to maintain lower cost of goods pricing to their customers and still quickly and effectively supply product.  An inherent difficulty in a traditional gravity-fed layer picking set up however is the force or pressure that is placed u…Read More