1. Pallet Building Gets an Efficiency Boost with New Pallet Flow Hold-Back Device

    Specially-Equipped Pallet Flow Rack Boosts Pallet Building and Simplifies Storage and Processing Pallet building can be required at different stages of inventory life. Freshly processed and manufactured goods are often palletized for storage and distribution. Also, custom pallets of goods are created for order fulfillment. Either way, the Mallard team has a way to put a spring into your operation …Read More

  2. Everything About the Pallet for Designing Pallet Flow | Mallard Best Practices

    Making Sense of the Many Shapes, Styles, and Sizes of Pallets Typically, pallet flow rack is designed to flow palletized inventory. Yes, there are times when pallet flow is used for non-palletized inventory, but the vast majority of systems are used with pallets. To that end, pallets become critical in the design specs for the pallet flow lane configuration. Mallard Best Practices is back with a c…Read More

  3. High-Volume & Heavy-Duty Case Picking –Flex Separator for Pallet Flow

    Flex Separator for pallet flow has been updated and improved to meet a greater variety of customer warehouse challenges. Flex separator is installed in floor-mounted pallet flow to optimize high-volume case picking. The deep-lane configuration stores a ready-reserve of 4-8 pallets deep thus the role of the pallet separator is crucial in removing the potential danger of back pressure in the lane. B…Read More

  4. Mallard Introduces — New & Improved Pallet Flow Pallet Separators

    Pallet Separators Work to Merge Warehouse Safety with Productivity Take the pressure off your warehouse storage and picking applications and improve warehouse safety and productivity at the same time with pallet flow separators. Pallet separators are installed in pallet flow lanes to isolate the front pick face pallet from the rear pallets thereby removing back pressure inherent in a gravity flow …Read More

  5. Boost Your Return on Case Pick Operations with this Clever Pallet Flow Combo

    Faster, more cost-effective picking. It’s become the Holy Grail of fulfillment centers as the pressures of e-commerce have continued to escalate. This recent application for a major retailer incorporates two of our more popular products into one highly productive combo. See how the simplicity just makes sense and meets the customer’s case picking operational goals. Pallet Flow Lane Design 3-ra…Read More

  6. FIBA – Field Installation for Pallet Flow Brake Assembly | Mallard How To

    Easy How-To Video for Installing Indirect Mount Speed Controllers in Full Roller Pallet Flow Do you FIBA? We do, and we can do it in just seconds just watch our video! What’s FIBA? It’s shorthand for Field Installation Brake Assembly and we use it to refer to our latest enhanced engineering design that makes pallet flow field installations not only a breeze but accurate. The FIBA is an assembl…Read More

  7. Full Roller Pallet Flow Stacks Up for Eco-Friendly Solution

    There are a lot of reasons why suppliers choose plastic pallets. Among the attributes, they are recyclable, lighter weight than wood, washdown & food compliant, don’t splinter, and there are no nails. They are a great resource and our Engineering Testing Lab sees them regularly to test in new pallet flow system designs. Testing is important with plastic pallets because there are so many pall…Read More

  8. 8 Steps to Pallet Flow Rack Perfection | Mallard Best Practices

    Mallard offers 6 pallet flow rack products to handle every type of inventory, operational function and warehouse climate. If narrowing in on and developing the perfect lane for your need seems like a daunting task…do not fear, Mallard Best Practices is back with 8 Steps to follow to simplify the process.   Steps to Designing a Pallet Flow Solution Step 1 – Determine project scope. Step 2 – …Read More

  9. Full-Roller vs Split-Roller Pallet Flow Rack? | Mallard Best Practices

    Mallard Best Practices blogs are an opportunity for our team to address frequently asked customer questions regarding our various gravity flow products. Here’s one that comes up often… “When should I choose split-roller vs. full-roller pallet flow rack? While there is not an absolute answer to this question, there are guidelines that we can share to help you make the right choice. To start, …Read More

  10. No Tilt, No Problem –Pallet Flow Loading for AGVs & Turret Trucks

    Loading a pallet flow lane, like any other warehouse pallet rack system is a step by step process. Forklift operators complete this task quickly and efficiently, day in and day out. However, with the uptick in reliance on automated warehouse vehicles like AGVs (automated guided vehicles) and turret trucks the Mallard team is identifying an important safety concern regarding pallet flow lane loadin…Read More