1. Split-Roller Pallet Flow – Put the Metal to Metal for Efficient Flow

    Large metal pallets are used to store long rolls of material for an industrial supply company. While metal pallets are typically a good candidate for roller pallet flow rack, they can also be a candidate for pallet surfing… and not in the “fun in the sun” kind of way. Pallet surfing or skidding over the rollers can lead to an unsafe and inefficient work situation. Watch how the Mallard team …Read More

  2. Greater Output & Immediate Cost Savings with Pallet Flow Layer Pick Systems

    Considering layer picking for high-volume inventory staging and fulfillment? Good decision. Layer picking builds mixed-SKU (rainbow) pallets far quicker and less costly than hand picking. Customers often see immediate cost savings and up to 10x greater output by eliminating manual case picking and all the related injuries, fatigue, and errors. Supercharge Layer Picking with Pallet Flow Fed Lanes A…Read More

  3. Introducing Wireless Control for Ergo Cell Pneumatic Pallet Separators

    Mallard’s Ergo Cell is a pneumatic-controlled pallet separator used in pallet flow lanes for ergonomic case picking. The Ergo Cell separator holds back the rear pallets in the flow lane so that the pallet can be safely elevated on a lift table. Lift tables create an ideal pick height limiting range of motion stresses for workers. Ergo Cell Pallet Separator Benefits Ergonomic case picking Elimina…Read More

  4. Smart Case-Picking Meets Growing Demand with Dynamic Storage

    The focus on more efficient case picking has intensified with the consumer shift toward online purchasing. Yes, this shift has been happening for the last few years, but the challenges of 2020 have brought it to the forefront. We’re fulfilling smaller orders whether direct to consumers or to retail stores with lower on-hand stock, and it’s become imperative to find the most cost-effective way …Read More

  5. How to Build a Pallet Flow Lane for Plastic Pod Pallets | Mallard How-To

    Plastic pallets provide a hygienic, non-splintering, lightweight alternative to standard wooden pallets. While the benefit of the pallet being free from protruding nails and loose boards is always a plus in a pallet flow rack system, it can be a challenge to design around the plastic pallet shape. The Mallard team recommends always allowing us to test sample pallet loads in our in-house testing fa…Read More

  6. Before & After – Pallet Flow Rack Delivers a Tall Order for an Auto Parts Manufacturer

    When an auto parts interiors manufacturer found themselves low on space and in need of a make-sense solution to meet growing demand and increasing SKUs, pallet flow rack rolled in to stack up the savings. As you can see from the Before image above, the original plan centered around floor stacking oversized pallets filled with raw materials. As inventory expanded, so did the time it took for worker…Read More

  7. Split-Roller Pallet Flow – When & Why Speed Controllers Make Sense

    Pallet flow speed controllers function exactly as the name suggests, they control the speed and tracking of the pallet as it flows down the lane. Speed controllers are recommended in a number of pallet flow lane configurations to ensure system effectiveness and safety. Deep-lane systems, heavy or bulky pallet loads, and non-standard pallets that inconsistently connect with the wheels or rollers ar…Read More

  8. Opting for Single vs Double-Wide Pallet Flow Bays | Mallard Best Practices

    Is there a point when single-wide pallet flow bays are a better choice than double-wide? The simple answer is, Yes. While the answer itself is simple, the explanation has some complexity. That’s why Mallard Best Practices is back to breakdown this topic and help you make the best choice for your system design. How Wide is Cost-Effective Pallet Flow? Pallet flow rack is a dynamic pallet storage s…Read More

  9. Pallet Flow Helps Dairy Producer Moove Precious Cargo

    Food production is a whole other animal when it comes to moving product fast and clean. That’s why gravity flow is a great resource for food companies like the dairy producer highlighted in our latest pallet flow system test. The goals are ensuring that their products are handled efficiently and with care. The cargo is stored in both IBC containers and metal drums that are plastic wrapped to pal…Read More

  10. Steel Skate Wheel in the Driver’s Seat for Smart, Economical Pallet Flow

    Mallard steel skate wheel pallet flow is both durable and economical, typically designed for lane depths from 2 -5 deep and loads under 2000#. A recent in-house test in our Engineering Test Lab demonstrates the process for configuring the most effective lane design. The customer supplied cases of vehicular lighting products plastic wrapped onto non-standard-sized wooden pallets for the Mallard tea…Read More