1. Flex Separator Saves Time & Improves Safety for Case Picking Operation

    Mallard Improves Case Picking from Floor-Level Pallet Flow with Flex Separator High-volume, case picking is a labor intensive, and therefore a costly operation. Mallard floor-level pallet flow equipped with the Flex Separator (FS 200) will shave minutes per pallet, plus improve worker safety, and avert inventory damage to add positive results to your bottom-line. As seen in our 3D animated video, …Read More

  2. Spicing Up Taco Tuesday with Custom Pallet Flow Racking

    Everyone knows that the secret to a good taco is precise layering of the ingredients. On that theme, the Mallard testing lab has cooked up a nifty pallet flow lane design using the Flex Separator FS-200 for a global seasonings manufacturer. Our mission was to enable precise picking from floor mounted pallet flow while boosting picking efficiencies. No complicated mechanized systems needed for this…Read More

  3. Pallet Flow Provides Needed Lift to Hydraulics Manufacturer

    Even a hydraulics company needs a lift sometimes and the Mallard team was happy to provide the perfect pallet flow configuration for the ride. As far as tests and applications go, this one was pretty simple… but it’s the “storage method vs gravity flow configuration” that we thought was important enough to share. As you can see from our test video the inventory was stored in totes. Normall…Read More

  4. Pallet Flow Rack for E-Commerce – Design the Purr-fect Solution

    When your customer offers Free one-day shipping, the pressure is on to ensure that their DC is the model of efficiency. It makes sense then to use pallet flow rack as part of the material handling solution. Pallet flow is a gravity flow solution that is dependable, low-maintenance, easy-to use and can be designed to handle all types of inventory in a variety of warehousing applications. A recent p…Read More

  5. Magnum Wheel Replaces Skate Wheel Pallet Flow for Heavy Produce

    The Right Pallet Flow Racking is Central to Efficient Case Picking One potato, two potato… leads to heavy cases of potatoes and a lot of pressure on a pallet flow system intended to work optimally to increase picking efficiencies. Enter Magnum wheel pallet flow rack. Magnum wheel is precisely designed for heavy-duty applications like this produce fulfillment warehouse pictured above left… the …Read More

  6. 5-Rail Pallet Flow Wins the (Super) Sack Race

    Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? And, when a plan involves pallet flow rack and big, bulky super sacks… well that’s all the better. Here’s a recent example. A consumer food products manufacturer was looking to optimize inventory and production. Part of their goal was having bulk ingredients in the right place and always at the ready. We knew that pallet flow was the perfect pr…Read More

  7. Mallard MODEX Exhibit Guarantees “Smartest Industry Thinking”

    Booth #B1956 Will Be Floating a Few Surprises As promised, Mallard will present a few new surprises at next week’s MODEX show. Since you are checking in with us a little early, here’s a sneak peek at our latest gravity flow innovation “reveals” that are ready to be shared at the Mallard booth. Cart-Trak Full Roller Carton Flow – Rollers Now Available with Bearings One of the industry’s…Read More

  8. Mallard Pallet Flow Takes Another Big “Step” Forward

    No better way to start a new year than to start with simpler, cleaner, stronger connections, right? Specifically, we are talking pallet flow/pallet racking connections, and with the New Mallard pallet flow step beam connector things are moving forward even better than before. Step beams are roll-formed steel beams used to support pallets within a typical pallet rack bay. While Mallard has always o…Read More

  9. Power Up the Pallet Flow Rack… Spring is Coming!

    Much of the country is currently blanketed in extreme cold, so many of us are left dreaming of spring and the chance to fire-up those power tools to do some outdoor yard and garden projects. To ensure you have just the tools you need once the deep freeze is over, Mallard recently tested out a pallet flow racking solution for a major power tool manufacturer. Thankfully our engineering testing lab w…Read More

  10. Building a Rainbow with Pallet Flow Layer Pick Separators

    Layer picking is a high-rate, high-SKU order fulfillment application used in warehouses across many industries to increase efficiencies and reduce fulfillment costs.  Layer picking operations are made even more efficient when combined with pallet flow racking equipped with specialty separators from Mallard… but we’re not expecting you to take just our word for it; instead you can see it for y…Read More