1. Roll Your Layer Picking into High Gear with Pallet Flow

    Layer Pick Separators Updated to Fit Wheeled & Roller Pallet Flow Case pick staging areas and mixing centers can benefit from layer picking particularly for high-volume, high-SKU order fulfillment. Layer picking allows for one or more layers of cartons to be picked at a time to create a custom, mixed “rainbow” pallets for order fulfillment. To further increase efficiencies, use floor-mount…Read More

  2. New & Updated Forklift Separators for Deep Lane, Multi-Level Pallet Flow

    Forklift Operators are in the Driver’s Seat for this Pallet Flow Innovation Sustainability isn’t just a “nice to have” for many businesses, it’s imperative throughout their operation and supply chain. So it’s no surprise that many companies are transitioning to reusable, durable plastic pallets for transport and storage of goods. This is one of the main drivers for the update of the Ma…Read More

  3. Full Roller Pallet Flow Rack for Drum Container Storage

    Stop Beating the Drum… Just Let It Roll. It’s not uncommon for the Mallard Testing Lab to test a warehouse solution for pallets made of different materials like wood, plastic, or metal. However, we’ve never tested different drum materials in the same pallet flow lane, until now. Our customer specializing in raw materials uses metal, cardboard, and plastic drums of varying size and weights to…Read More

  4. Case-Picking by the Numbers with Mallard’s Case-Pick Separator

    Whether it’s 10,000 cases or 10,000 lbs. or both, the Mallard case-pick separator delivers the cost-effective results you need to meet your productivity goals. The newly redesigned CP 100 case-pick separator is more heavy-duty and will handle all of your case-pick inventory. Heavy bottles, cans, auto parts, frozen food, etc. the case-pick separator is the best way to deliver case picking efficie…Read More

  5. It’s OK to be a Lightweight – Durable & Efficient Pallet Flow Rack for Manufacturing & Assembly

    We often test the effectiveness of pallet flow rack for warehouse storage and distribution functions. Many of those test results are detailed in our regular blog series, but less often do we discuss the benefits for manufacturing and assembly operations. However, when these giant foam blocks arrived at our in-house Engineering and Testing Lab, we knew we needed to share this application. While the…Read More

  6. Pallet Flow Rack Design – A Look at 2 vs. 3-Rail Systems | Mallard Best Practices

    The advantages of pallet flow rack center squarely on improving warehouse productivity. Pallet flow optimizes space and order-picking productivity in high-density storage, case and layer-pick operations, cold storage, manufacturing, assembly, and so many more applications. However, there is one scenario when pallet flow isn’t productive… and that is when it’s under-designed for the inventory…Read More

  7. Pallet Flow Rack Mounting Angles | Mallard Best Practices

    Installing Pallet Flow Rails Swiftly and Securely to Pallet Rack We like making connections at Mallard Manufacturing. Our favorite connections are the ones we build with our customers by providing dependable, productive gravity flow solutions. To that end, we strive to ensure that our pallet flow rack systems are properly connected within customers’ warehouses to function as effectively as we de…Read More

  8. Building Pallet Flow for 2000 Pounds of Construction Supplies

    Pallets weighing over 2000 lbs. are not something to be taken lightly. Ok, pun aside, maneuvering heavy pallets around a busy warehouse is a serious safety and productivity concern. Whether consisting of construction materials, frozen foods, auto parts or home décor, pallet flow rack is a valuable tool for protecting your inventory and warehouse staff while achieving high productivity. The Mallar…Read More

  9. Pallet Flow Delivers Dynamic Results for Stationery Manufacturer

    Putting pallet flow rack to the test is nothing new for us. In fact, we do it every day in our in-house engineering testing lab… and that’s also where we develop these helpful system design and application tips. Our testing lab is the perfect place to prove out design ideas and work through inventory challenges prior to purchasing and installing your pallet flow system. The system we are highl…Read More

  10. Choosing Drop-In or Indirect-Mount Speed Controllers for Pallet Flow

    Speed controllers are used in pallet flow rack to control both the speed and tracking of the pallet as it flows down the lane. Because pallet flow rack is a gravity flow solution where pallets are loaded from a charge aisle and flow on a slightly pitched wheeled or roller lane to a discharge (pick) aisle, the flow speed and tracking of the pallets must be controlled. The lane is design is based up…Read More