1. Put the Power of Gravity to Work in Your Food Service DC

      The annual IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference is the place to find unique warehousing solutions specific to the foodservice and convenience distribution industries… so this is a show the Mallard simply couldn’t miss! Our pallet flow and carton flow storage solutions are net zero energy to operate because they harness the powerful force of gravity to reliably provide productive, smart st…Read More

  2. Productivity Upgraded with Enhanced Mobile Carton Flow Work Cell

    Even a great product can be made better - and this manufacturing and distribution workhorse just got an upgrade.  With the addition of a steel-framed tow assembly, Mallard’s mobile Carton Flow Work Cell is put to even faster and more productive use.  Forklift operators can now quickly transport work cells where needed vs. manually pushing the wheeled carts from station to station.  Even bette…Read More

  3. A Unique Carton Flow Twist Using Dyna-Flo in “Reverse”

    They say, “You learn something new every day.”  You’ve probably heard it a hundred times before, maybe more, but isn’t it true?  Even for those of us on the job a very long time. It’s certainly the case for the Mallard team; we get the opportunity to learn something new with each customer and every project we have the privilege of working on. And we hope our customers learn a few thin…Read More