1. FILO in the SILO – Low-Profile Push-Back on Pallet Flow Delivers Needed Capacity Boost

    Who isn’t looking for greater storage capacity these days? It’s a familiar need with a lot of possible solutions, some old and some new. Push-back pallet flow bridges the gap as a newer twist on a tried-and-true storage method. Using pallet flow lanes with single aisle load and pick access delivers low profile, deep-lane, easy-to-use storage for First-In/Last-Out inventory rotation. Take a loo…Read More

  2. Push-Back Keeps a Low-Profile with Pallet Flow Rack

    Low-profile, deep-lane pallet storage is absolutely achievable and it’s likely more simple to implement than you may think. Push-back pallet flow is a very efficient pallet storage solution that gives you the reserve storage space you need with the SKU selectivity of a traditional push-back system without sacrificing the vertical space of a cart system. Additionally, a push-back lane created usi…Read More

  3. What Do You Call Pallet Flow for LIFO Inventory? Answer: Push-Back Flow Rack

    Just because you have Last-In/First-Out inventory needs doesn’t prohibit you from the advantages of a gravity flow rack system. Push-back on pallet flow rails is highly efficient and offers benefits that a traditional push-back system can’t. Push-back on flow rack can go deep lane, upwards of 12 or more pallets deep, while still being low profile. Also, it’s not limited to standard pallet si…Read More

  4. A Little Push Rolls Out Productivity with Push-Back Pallet Flow

    Tight on space and need efficient pallet storage? How about push-back pallet flow? Push-back pallet flow is loaded and picked from a single aisle saving valuable warehouse space while still providing beneficial reserve storage and automatically replenished pick face. How do we do it? Well, a recent test video from the Mallard in-house Engineering Testing Lab is a great way to show how to design a …Read More

  5. We’re Giving Ourselves an “A” Frame for this Push-Back Pallet Flow Test

    We might get some push back on this, but inventory doesn’t have to first flow down in pallet flow rack. Pallet flow is also a very effective storage solution when used as a push-back lane… and we’ve got just the test to prove our point. The Mallard Testing Lab constructed this effective test to demonstrate the benefits of a deep-lane, push-back pallet flow solution for these large pallets of…Read More

  6. Reaching New Limits with Mallard Deep-Lane Push-Back Flow Rack

    Our latest 3D animated video goes far to tell the story of push-back flow rack for Last In/First Out (LIFO) inventory storage. As you can see, push-back flow rack delivers a high-density, dynamic storage solution in a condensed footprint like traditional push-back rack, but our flow system rack has several advantages. Mallard push-back flow rack takes advantage of the heavy-duty nature of flow rac…Read More

  7. Push-Back on Pallet Flow Delivers Space Saving Storage – Up to 12-Deep

    We often demonstrate how pallet flow rack is an ideal pallet storage solution for FIFO inventory rotation, but what may come as a surprise is that pallet flow rack can also be configured as a push-back system and serve as an excellent LIFO inventory storage solution. Push-back pallet flow rack is durable, simple to use, easy to maintain, accommodating both standard and non-standard pallets alike. …Read More

  8. Outside the Box Thinking Leads to Inside the Box Solution

    Admittedly, you’re probably wondering what we are showing you in the image above. Well, it’s a very unique push-back pallet flow solution to a very unique storage challenge. Let us explain… A global petroleum refiner was looking for a way to efficiently store IBC (intermediate bulk storage ) containers of raw materials at multiple refineries. The tricky part was that these IBC containers had…Read More