Faster, More Accurate Picks in a Snap

SKU separation and quick lane identification are what you get with full-length carton flow lane dividers. Full-length dividers are connected at the charge (load) end of the carton flow lane, run the depth shelf bed and are secured at the discharge end. Providing a defined, separate lane for inventory in carton flow improves both put and pick rates, as well as order accuracy. Full-length dividers are ideal for storing fragile inventory or when product segregation is required.

Mallard offers 2 types of full-length lane dividers for carton flow: standard & heavy duty (HD). Our standard dividers easily attach to plastic snap-on guides that fit securely anywhere along the carton flow bed. Our HD dividers are heavy-duty tubes that are fitted onto mounting brackets attached to the front and rear beams.

Here are the benefits and differences between the two options:

Standard Lane Dividers

  • Easy snap-on installation
  • Fast reprofiling
  • Fits anywhere along the carton flow lane
  • Lengths customizable up to 20’
  • Great for retrofit applications

HD Lane Dividers

  • Heavy-duty construction handles inventory up to 50 lbs.
  • Use with Dyna-Flo or Dyna-Flo HD carton flow
  • Easy to reposition for inventory reslotting
  • Adjustable on 1” intervals
  • Lengths customizable up to 20’


  • Easy, secure snap-on installation
  • 100% adjustable along width of carton flow shelf bed
  • Faster re-slotting reduces labor costs
  • Quick SKU identification improves pick rates & reduces errors
  • Fit more SKUs in less space


  • Customizable lengths up to 20’
  • HD – Totes or inventory up to 50 lbs.
  • Snap-on options to fit all Mallard carton flow rack on 2” or 3” centers
  • HD dividers have adjustability on 1” centers across the full shelf bed