Carton flow rack with lane dividersOptions for Faster, More Efficient Carton Flow

Not all carton flow is created equal… so the products created to work with your carton flow should be customized for best fit and ease of operation.  We understand the nuances of product slotting for picking and fulfillment efficiencies so we’ve created a full line of entry guides and a full-length lane divider to make your carton flow system simple to operate, yet effective as possible.

Carton Flow Rack Entry Guide Products:

  • NEW Dyna-Flow HD (Heavy-Duty) Entry Guide – custom designed for Dyna-Flow HD on 3″ cc
  • Original Dyna-Flo Entry Guide — Fits Dyna-Flo & Dyna Deck –  2″ or 3″ centers & Dyna-Flo HD 2″ cc
  • EZ Slotter Entry Guide —  attaches directly to the carton flow shelf – ideal for frequent SKU reslotting
  • Full Length Carton Flow Lane Divider —  lock into place anywhere along the full width of the shelf bed

Advantages of Mallard Carton Flow Entry Guides:

  • Quick snap-on installation anywhere along the shelf bed
  • 100% adjustability along full carton flow shelf bed
  • Easily moved to accommodate product changes
  • Lane guides span full shelf depth – up to 20’ deep
  • Reduce labor cost for re-slotting through ease of installation
  • Quick lane identification improves pick rates
  • Picking errors reduced
  • Quickly adjust for seasonal fluctuations
  • Accommodate more products in less space

Download Carton Flow Guide PDF

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And watch our new instructional video to see just how easy
Mallard entry guides 
and dividers are to install!

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