Flexible, Full Bed Carton Flow for Multiple Changing SKUs

Dyna-Flo Carton Flow Mallard Manufacturing

Dyna-Flo’s durable bed of staggered polypropylene wheels is the perfect option for multiple, changing SKUs. 12″-16″ sections quickly and easily drop into existing pallet rack creating a productive flow system.


  • Easily drops into existing pallet rack
  • Full wheel bed accommodates cartons of all sizes and shapes
  • Durable wheel and axle assembly
  • Simple, easy product reprofiling
  • Consolidates and increases pick slots


  • Plastic polypropylene staggered skate wheel
  • 12″-16″ wide sections – (6) 16″ cover 96″ beam
  • Available in 1″, 2″ and 3″ centers
  • Adjustable full lane dividers

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Dyna-Flo Carton Flow Illustrations

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Dyna-Flo Carton Flow with Tilt Tray Illustration

Add a carton flow tilt tray for even better carton visibility and easy order picking access. See our Dyna-Flo Tilt Tray page for more information.

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